Padiddle – The Art of the Kiss

You know those days when you stare off into the distance and some distant memory pops up for no reason? Maybe it doesn’t happen to anyone else, but it does happen to me quite often.

The other night hubby and I were driving home when a random memory crossed my mind. I was suddenly thinking back to my early ‘car dates’ with my very respectful first boyfriend.

It was in Ohio in the late 60s. My parents were finally allowing me to go on car dates. It was an exciting time infused with a little healthy trepidation.

One evening while driving we passed an oncoming car with a headlight burned out. He said “that’s a padiddle”. I had never heard such a word. I replied “what’s a padiddle”? He explained that anytime you saw a car with one headlight burned out the first one who called “padiddle” got a kiss. This seemed like a win win proposition to me – no matter who saw it first.

I asked hubby if he had ever heard the word or practiced the art. He had not.

I decided to Google the word – always a mistake. Among Urban Dictionary’s definition of the word several people commented this was a strip poker game. What? I think I will keep my innocent memories instead.

Do you call a car with one headlight burned out a ‘padiddle’? If so, do you still get a kiss?