Finding Peace – Tranquil Thursday #2

A black and white photo of a solitary boat on a lake

Today we will be flying back to North Carolina after a week with our family. It has been a full and busy and glorious visit! Yesterday we had breakfast with a friend we have not seen for a while, then spent the remainder of the day driving around looking at houses we had once called home and recalling memories.

We move on in life. Things change, people come and go, but we still have people and places that serve as touchstones to our past and to the inner core of who we are.

It made me think about finding peace in this life, so I offer these questions. I would love to see your responses. Make a post and link back here or leave your thoughts in a comment below.

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  1. How do you define peace on a personal level?
  2. What does findng peace mean to you?
  3. What environment (the ocean, the mountains, the desert, etc) brings you peace?
  4. Is there a person whose presence puts you at ease and gives you a feeling of peace?

To me, peace is a feeling of great tranquility. I feel at ease and my mind is not occupied with thoughts of how to fix or otherwise control a situation. It is almost a state of blissful acceptance where worries and concerns are put to rest.

I can be at peace in almost any environment where nature is in the forefront. I do believe the mountains of Appalachia are embedded in my DNA. When I have been away and the mountains come into view, it is as if my soul breathes a sign of relief.

When my father was still alive, just the sight of him made me feel at peace. His hugs were the best in the world. When I lost him, the thought I would never feel that feeling again was devastating. Then I discovered my son’s hugs felt very much the same to me. Hugging my children and my grandchildren definitely connects me to what is important. This shared love grounds me and reminds me of what I find most important in this life.

My husband is a quiet constant. He is easy going and has a way of defusing otherwise stressful situations. We click, each fulfilling a need or purpose in the other’s life. That feeling of completeness calms me and brings me peace.