Throwback Thursday Vs Tranquil Thursday #1

Source image by Hugo Kerr on Unsplash

January is behind us and I felt I should give you an update on my conversation with Lauren on the status of our Throwback Thursday posts.

As most of you know, Lauren has a lot on her shoulders. She is going through some health issues that require all her focus and energy. I asked her how she felt about continuing. She felt it would be best for her not to have this on her plate right now.

So, together we decided to put it on hold for now. We started this together and together we have decided to give her the time she needs to take care of herself. We will revisit it later in the year.

In the interim, I decided to write a Tranquil Thursday post every Thursday. Each week I will select a topic and welcome you to post a photo, poem, prose, thought, or memory related to the topic. I chose the word tranquil because I think a little peace is always welcome.

You can write a post and link back here, or you can simply leave a comment if inspired to do so. Feel free to use the banner above but please credit the image as I have above. Tag your post #TranquilThursday so it will be easier for others to find.

Read what follows. There are no rules other than to write, draw, photograph or otherwise express yourself as you consider the question below. I will post mine later today and link it back to this post.

(Lyrics from the song “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield.)

Drench yourself in words unspokenLive your life with arms wide openToday is where your book beginsThe rest is still unwritten

What is written in your book and what remains unwritten?


32 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday Vs Tranquil Thursday #1”

  1. I doubt anything is left unritten in the book of my life. A long career in the emergency services, three marriages, and now a peaceful retirement.
    Just that last chapter to come, whenever that is to be.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. There are countries and cities I would still love to see, but unless there is a drastic change in my personal finances, (and the economy of Britain) I doubt that will happen. I am content with where I am in life, which is actually far better than I expected it to be. 🙂

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  2. Lauren is an inspiration. A courageous fighter.
    As far as left unwritten, I have much more to write in my blog and as far as my remaining days, I take them one at a time and Carpe Diem.

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    1. Yes, Lauren is a fighter and she deserves the time she needs to take care of her immediate needs. We are all cheering her on.

      I love your perspective, Don. I look forward to everything you write.

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    1. I look forward to it Elizabeth. It will be simple. I will write a post to which you can respond by either linking back with a list of your own, or leaving a comment on the original post.

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  3. I love this idea especially as life is far from tranquil these days. My thoughts are with Lauren every day. It’s past midnight here and time for me to turn out the light. The dog is snoring gently and Hubby has been listening to his selective music which lulls him to sleep. He needs it, bless him. The house is quiet apart from the ticking of the kitchen clock and the wind blowing outside. Take care.

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