My Dry January Adventure


Reblogging my daughter’s blog post this morning. She gets real about her experience with “Dry January” and reflecting on the “Mommy Wine Culture” prevalent today and how it was impacting her life.

Two Moms And A Toddler

So many people are doing it. Dry January or “Dranuary”. It’s a time to detox from the booze-filled holiday months that had your liver drowning in a cesspool of wine and liquor. After careful consideration, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and go 31 days without alcohol. I had no idea how much my perspective or my mental and physical health would be completely altered as a result.

First, let’s talk about why I decided to take on this challenge. We are expecting our second child in May. A sweet little boy, and I knew I had been feeling sluggish, tired, stressed out, unanimated, and anxious – definitely no way to welcome a new human into the world. So I decided to make some healthy changes in January. Those changes would be.

1). Go Dry For A Month- absolutely no alcohol or Non Alcoholic substitutes for 31 days (no…

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26 thoughts on “My Dry January Adventure”

  1. I also failed to get this post from her. I will try to refollow. I had no idea about the mommy wine culture until a close friend explained all the Facebook posts of her daughter-in-law always drinking with friends and saying she deserved time away from her kids. I guess intentional advertising targeted this age group and were quite successful at it.

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  2. Maggie – thank you so much for sharing. Your daughter is an amazing talent — I loved reading her post for her honesty…and for her humor. I know of several others who embarked on the ‘dry January’ journey and aren’t turning back but I’ve never read a better first-person account than your daughter’s. Thank you! 😊

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    1. Victoria, thank-you for reading and for the kind comment. My daughter writes as she lives – honestly and with a side of humor. I passed your comment on to her. 😊

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