Happy for Now: The Rose and the Claw is Out of Danger

Reblogging with Nancy’s permission. She shares some critical information all authors should be aware of, especially those selling through Amazon.

Nancy O'Toole

Yesterday morning, I logged onto my computer to find an email from kdp in my inbox. I took in a deep breath, knowing that this was the moment I had been dreading. My Beauty and the Beast retelling, The Rose and the Claw, has been removed from amazon weeks before its series’s final book was set to release. 

Or at least, that’s what I thought was in my inbox. Instead, I opened the email and began to read: Hello, The following book(s) you recently submitted have been reviewed and were successfully passed. 

I blinked in shock and continued to read. Not only was my book going to remain up on amazon, but kdp admitted fault and apologized!

For those who haven’t read my latest blog post, the past week has been a bit of a nightmare. After updating the backmatter in my books, Amazon sent me an…

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