A Blogging Survey If You Please

An image made up of question marks
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I have been thinking about the blogging practice of other bloggers. It seems some people must spend a lot more time here than I do, so my curiosity is piqued. If you have time, please respond to the unofficial questions below.

1. How many times per week do you post? Do you post multiple times a day? If so, how many?

2. How many blogs do you follow?

3. Do you read all the blogs you follow every day? If not, how often do you read other blogs?

4. Do you seek out new blogs to follow?  If so, how do you find them?

5. Do you comment on the blogs you read? If not, why? Do you respond to all the comments left on your blog?

6. Do you ever close comments on a blog you post? If so, why?

7. Do you ever unfollow someone? If so, why?

8. What content inspires you to follow a blogger?

9. What content turns you off from following someone?

10. How important is it to you that you add a photo to every post?

11. Leave me a link for one blogger (other than yourself) that you think I should check out.

You can either write a post and link back here so I can read your responses, more leave them in the comments. THANKS IN ADVANCE!


Donut – #JusJoJan 2023

Welcome to day twelve of Just Jot It January for 2023. Today’s word is donut.

When I saw the prompt today, I tried to remember the first time I had a donut. I remember my grandmother making ‘old fashioned’ donuts because I can remember seeing the donut floating atop a vat of hot oil. Those donuts were not frosted in sweetness. They were more for dunking in milk or coffee.

I doubt I ever went to a donut shop until we moved to the suburb of Akron, Ohio, but even then buying donuts was not something we did frequently. We were more likely to buy grocery store donuts than to go to a donut shop.

When I went to my senior prom, my girlfriend Marilyn and I went to the salon for ‘updos’. My hair was half teased up on my head and the bottom half done in ringlet curls. It started to fall down after the first few fast dances. It was not a good look. When I look back at the photos from that night I just shake my head. What in the world was I thinking?

Now you may be wondering what my prom had to do with donuts – just waltz through my brain with me. We will get there, I promise. Once the band started to tire of playing and the evening was dying down, everyone started to talk about where they were going for afterprom. Not being a member of the in-crowd and dating a boy who did not attend my school, I had no plans for afterprom and neither did my friend Marilyn. We decided to go get donuts – who else would be open at that hour?

I cannot remember if we went to the fairly new Dunkin’ Donuts or if we went to Amy Joy’s donuts – a 24 hour coffee bar. I am fairly sure it was Amy Joy’s. We all trudged into the donut shop in our formal attire. Marilyn had daisies in her hair and they were falling out. My hair was tumbling down around my face, but I thought better of trying to take the rest of it down because it was teased and sprayed within an inch of its life. We must have been a sight sitting there with the late night crowd in all our regalia. It was a sweet end to prom night, though!

When I moved into my role as an IT manager, I often bought donuts for my staff, especially if we were stuck in planning meetings or working out implementation bugs. There were so many flavors, it was hard to please everyone, so eventually I resorted to buying a huge box of donut holes instead.

Again I find myself living in an rural environment with no donut shops close by. I did discover our local grocery chain carries a pretty good coconut frosted donut if I get an occasional craving.

Written as part of Linda Hill’s JusJoJan.

Prompt word today (donut) submitted by Liz Husebye Hartmann from Valley of the Trolls.