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Why? – SoCS and #JusJoJan 2023

Welcome to day six of Just Jot It January for 2023 combined with SoCS. Today’s prompt from Linda is ’out of the box’.

Why is it always so much easier to take Christmas decorations out of the box than it is to put them back in the box? It’s also more joyful I think (although I do like to see the house clean and clutter free again). I is especially challenging for those boxes I make an effort to maintain the original packaging. I end up with little tiny styrofoam tidbits all over the floor!

My daughter hates taking toys out of the boxes these days. Every minuscule piece is fastened to the packaging as if it were priceless. My granddaughter loves Barbies now and that doll has more accessories than you can shake a stick at. Why DOES Barbie need a tiny water bottle or a tiny cell phone? She definitely cannot hold them! The cat does love to try and steal them whenever possible, though.

What about those open box sales? Let’s think about it. If the box is open, my guess is the item has been out of the box. So ‘open box’ is a misnomer. Display models have definitely been out of the box so the risk is known. I think that ‘open box’ marketing phrase might not be 100% honest.

When I was in the corporate world my entire team had to do a lot of out of the box thinking. Our sales team liked to sell customers on functionality that was not fully developed. Once delivered, those unsuspecting customers expected things to work as promised. Ai yi yi! (How DO you spell that?)

Oh, and by the way. I just spotted a Christmas decoration I failed to put back in the box. I guess it gets a new home until next year.

Written as part of Linda Hill’s SoCs and JusJoJan 2023