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Throwback Thursday #70 – A Year in Review

Here we are closing in on 2022, hopefully looking forward to what the new year will bring. Preparing for a new year often entails looking back over the past year.

So, today, we are throwing back only one year.

  • Tell me what you loved about 2022.
  • Do you have regrets?
  • What did you lose?
  • What did you gain?
  • What was your greatest accomplishment?
  • How was your balance between happiness and sadness?
  • And lastly, what are you happy to leave behind and what do you look forward to?
  • Anything more you want to add?

I am in Charleston visiting family, so I will respond later today when I get back home.

I wish you all a wonderful wrap-up of 2022 and hope you have lots to look forward to in 2023. No resolutions for me. Just moving forward one day at a time.