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I should have known. By my age you learn about your body and how it reacts. We learn what our tolerances are. It serves us well. For example, I know I have an intense reaction to antihistamines and decongestants. They make me sleep for hours. But let me back up.

Thursday I went to the ortho. My left knee is bone on bone. Arthritis has done a number on the soft tissue. I will be looking at knee replacement down the road. However, there are protocols to try before surgery.

The first is cortisone (steroids) injections in the knee. Usually a total of three over the course of a year. The second is an injection of a gel-like substance that provides a cushion to the knee. That option generally follows the cortisone routine. Then lastly, knee replacement.

So, long story short (you’re welcome), Thursday around noon I had the first steroid injection. Easy peasey. I did as they suggested and took it easy all day. By Friday morning, the pain in my knee was almost non-existent. It’s a miracle I tell you!

Last night we had friends over and we had a nice evening just chatting and catching up with each other. When they left my face felt hot and I was flush and my face was burning. I thought it was the wine as I do not drink frequently. Well, I was wrong!

I was having a reaction to the cortisone injection. PREDICTABLE! After consulting Dr. Google, I decided to take an antihistamine and apply cold compresses to my face. It is the only thing that helps ease the discomfort. This most likely means the end of the road for me and cortisone. Back to the drawing board.

Last night I slept propped up on the recliner with cold compresses on my face. This morning my cheeks are still red and burning. This reaction usually passes within 3 to 4 days so hopefully that is the case.

I keep conjuring up an image of the Queen of Hearts shouting “OFF WITH HER LEG!”


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  1. Sorry it hasn’t worked out for you… I had my first cortisone injection into my arthritic hip last month, and for the first couple of weeks it felt absolutely great – but sadly by the end of the third week I was back to hobbling around in pain again, just as before. Feeling quite down about it, as I had held high hopes for some long-term pain relief… Good luck in finding some relief before having to go down the surgery route! 🙂

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  2. Perhaps they can go straight to trying that cushioning gel? Hopefully you will not have an adverse reaction to that, Maggie. Or maybe opt for an elective knee replacement straight off. Get it done while you are a good age to fully recover and get some use out of a new knee joint.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I will contact the ortho doctor on Monday. I am not sure what she will suggest. This was an unpleasant experience but things can always be worse, can’t they?

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    1. It was unnerving and I am surprised how many people have a similar reaction but continue to have the injections. I will be interested to see what the doctor says on Monday.

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    1. The cortisone has helped, but I hear the results fade rather quickly. I am curious to see how long the pain will be minimized. I remember an old relative that used to say “I heerd ‘bout them Ritis boys and Arthu’ he’s the wurstus one!” I think she was right!

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  3. Hope they can sort out an alternative type of cortisone for you. Sending all good thoughts. My sister has bone on bone issues, too, but she’s the clinical herbalist supplement specialist, so she’s keen on Ancient Nutrition collagen supplements, etc. Apparently, it’s been quite helpful for her. We’re both doing it now, with our niggling issues with knees, etc.

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      1. Maggie, collagen peptides are definitely having a moment, but aside from the expense, seemed worth a try to me based on what I read. Dr. Axe’s Ancient Nutrition multi-collagen peptides were the brand my sister recommended. They dissolve in hot or cold liquids and come flavored (vanilla and chocolate) or unflavored. The idea is that we produce less collagen ourselves from the proteins we eat as we get older so having the small chain components of collagen readily available might help boost production (skin, nails, cartilage, etc.) Type II collage peptides seem best for joint health, but most of the “research” is fairly soft. That said, it’s a perfectly normal substance, so not harmful. My nurse-practitioner recommended collagen supplements, too, recently, for a chronic hip issue.


  4. Sorry you had a reaction. Hope you get past that soon. My friend had knee replacement & is just coming out of the worst of it. Asked if she’d do it again & she says yes! Maybe that gel cushion injection will work to give you some time before surgery is needed.

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  5. Yikes! Sorry about that reaction. My right knee has just started giving me trouble and I’m wearing a compression sleeve when I walk the dog. Good to know the options that might be down the road. I hope they can find something that works for you without the adverse reaction.

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    1. My suggestion to you would be to have some x-rays at least. Knowing what the issue is helps determine the best course of action and prevent further damage. I am glad to be beyond the reaction and am hopeful the pain continues to subside.

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