Let the Preparations Begin

Good morning friends and fellow bloggers. In our house the first cup of coffee has been consumed and we are taking a lackadaisical approach to the day. This is the last breather before the final approach to Christmas at our house.

We are lying low today. My MRI appointment is today – well, tonight really. My appointment is at 9:15 PM – yes, PM! My knee gave me fits over the weekend, but today feels much better. I just hope there is a reason for the discomfort and it has a treatment other than “You’re no spring chicken anymore ya know!

We went to Waynesville on Friday to the local tree farm to pick out our Christmas tree. On the way we stopped and picked up our 13 year old niece. After we picked out our tree, we joined her parents for lunch. It was a nice day. Afterward we stopped at a furniture store and ordered a new couch and recliner to replace the couch we gave our grandson when he moved into his apartment. A good day all in all.

So, our tree is standing in the stand but without any lights or ornaments. I think that will be the project for the day. It is also Cyber Monday here which means there are lots of online sales today if you are still shopping.

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16 thoughts on “Let the Preparations Begin”

  1. We ‘cheat’ with a pre-lit, artificial tree. But at my age, that makes life so much easier. 9:15pm is crazily late for a medical appointment. No way would I accept that. I had my shingles vaccination today at 11:30am. Just a ‘dead’ arm feeling so far.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. We have talked about an artificial tree but as long as we are able we will keep the tradition. The appt was late but otherwise I would have had to wait longer for an appt. Thankfully my husband took me so he did the drive. It takes about 40 minutes to get home from the imaging center.

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    1. The tree is almost complete. Hubby has been working on the ‘exterior illumination’ so we are 80% there. Looking forward to having my shopping complete.

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