One Liner Wednesday – Speak Louder

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I woke on this beautiful day, the day before Thanksgiving to hear of another mass shooting in America. My heart continues to shatter. I am not sure why so many people are so angry and why anyone could raise a gun against innocent people.

I pray for the families who have again fallen victim to America’s true epidemic.

Love has got to stop whispering!


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19 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday – Speak Louder”

  1. The truth is simple enough. Being able to buy guns means that people can commit mass shootings. Stop selling guns, and that will reduce the mass shootings. They will also have to ‘buy back’ the guns already owned of course. Since personal weapons were banned here after the Dunblane school shootings in 1996, there have only been three (non-terrorist) mass shootings in the UK.

    One was in 2010, when a man using an unlicenced .22 rifle and a shotgun (shotguns are legal in certain rural areas) killed 12 people, most of whom were well-known to him, and he bore grudges against all of them..

    In 2012, a man killed four of his relatives with a legal shotgun, before killing himself.

    In 2021, a young man using a legally-owned shotgun killed 6 people, then shot himself.

    These incidents raised the whole issue of shotgun licencing, which is still being debated here.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I never imagined our lawmakers and our system of government would lie in the way of what is best for our country but we are handcuffed. It is so discouraging. People are so angry and the hate filled voices have a following I also never imagined possible. It is a stain on America.

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        1. Only because it has not hit them yet. I am surprised after the Insurrection, more of our lawmakers did not feel motivated to push for change.

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  2. Too many guns.
    Too many conspiracy groups.
    Too many public figures preaching hate.
    Too many bought politicians standing in the way of sensible gun laws.
    Too much open carry.
    Too many lies that military issue guns are for civilians.

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