A Cold Monday Missive

Why does everyone talk about the weather?

Maybe it is because it is one of the few things the entire world has in common. Maybe because it is ever changing. Or lately, maybe it is because it is so crazy.

With the cold front that came through last night, our low temperature dropped down to 28°F (-2.2 ° C). We have a chilly week in store for us. This is unseasonably cold for us – these are more like January temperatures.

I seem to have been very busy lately. We had the remnants of Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Tropical Depression Nicole come through last Thursday and Friday. It was mostly a rain event for us. Thankfully my Florida family came through it all okay. We really needed the rain although we still are not quite out of drought conditions.

My friend Molly invited me to come and work in her jewelry studio those two days. It was good to work and chat and catch up. She is getting ready for their family art show next weekend. I am always in awe of the work she does. Look for a post about the upcoming art show here!

I have been busy trying to order gifts for our six grandchildren for Christmas. It’s hard to believe there are only 40 days before Christmas. It is even harder to think that Thanksgiving in the U.S. is next week!

Many friends and family members are going through some very tough times. I am happy to be the person they can call and lean on when they need someone to talk to even if it means my blogging takes a back seat here and there. I appreciate you hanging in there with my sporadic blogging.

The black bear was back three times in two days a week ago. I’m hoping our cold weather may persuade them to snuggle up for the winter. We had a skunk hiding under the BBQ grill a few nights ago. Hubby heard it making noise in the dried leaves that had fallen on the deck. His little black and white nose was all we could see under the cover. Needless to say, we left him alone lest we get sprayed!

I made a couple loaves of pineapple macadamia nut bread.  It’s an old recipe that was in Vincent and Mary Price’s cookbook, A Treasury of Great Recipes. I took a loaf to Molly and kept one here. It tasted good, but it was a bit crumbly. Maybe too much flour or a bit over-baked. I should buy the cookbook and see if the recipe measures the flour by weight instead of cups.

Last night I tried a new soup recipe – mushroom and wild rice. It was okay but it wasn’t great. I would make it again, but with some major adjustments!

I am still managing to get to the gym several times a week. With cold weather, I need a lot of coaxing to go out in the cold. I would not be mad to live in consistent 70° F weather.

That’s it for me. How is your weather?


17 thoughts on “A Cold Monday Missive”

  1. We had that rain a day or two after you. It was 76° last Monday. We will have a high of 44 today. Time to cover the AC compressor, I think. Good luck with the bear and the skunk.

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  2. It’s 48 F here at almost 8 AM. It is unusually cold for us. My body is not happy. I put on my flannel sheets and down alternative comforter last week.
    Good for you for going out in the cold to hit the gym.

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    1. It took a lot of coaxing to get to the gym Lauren. I am glad I went, though.

      48° F for California is mighty brisk! I have my flannel sheets on, too!

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  3. As Pondering Pete said, the UK is still enjoying unseasonal weather. We had a fan running in the bedroom last night when it stayed at 13C (55F) all night.
    It is set to become more autumnal soon, with the chance of more rain.
    (English people always discuss the weather. It is considered to be ‘polite conversation’, because it avoids any arguments about politics or religion. 🙂 )
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Polite conversation – that is a rarity these days! I hope your weather change is gradual. These suddenly temperature changes are difficult transitions, Pete!

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  4. Funny you should ask this… yesterday I wrote about how irritated I was about early snow here. Today it has melted, but I’m still a little bitter about my lost weekend.

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  5. Our weather has been a bit crazy. It was 73 degrees here in southern Vermont on Saturday, in the high 20s this morning when we got up. All over the place. In general, we’ve had an amazing warm fall, in the high 60s and low 70s for the past two weeks. It’s kind of eerie.


  6. We awoke to the season’s first snow, just a dusting but a sign of what’s to come. I have guarded feelings talking about the weather just as I do about politics. Too many climate change deniers.
    Word of advice about that bear, Maggie, always have someone with you that you can outrun.

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    1. We have freezing rain warnigs tonight, Don. I would prefer a dusting of snow but either way, it is cold!

      Ha! Great advice about the bear. I will keep that in mind. 😂

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