One Liner Wednesday – Stop It.

I am guilty. There are words I overuse. This little thing caught my eye on Twitter, posted by Word of the Day App.

Stop saying “Very”

It was accompanied by this graphic as a way to help curb our bad habits.

Graphic showing words to use as an alternative to the word ‘very’
Graphics courtesy of Word of the Day app as seen on Twitter.

Now I am thinking about the best word to use to tell you I am very frustrated. Drop your alternative suggestions in the comments.

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Let the Preparations Begin

Good morning friends and fellow bloggers. In our house the first cup of coffee has been consumed and we are taking a lackadaisical approach to the day. This is the last breather before the final approach to Christmas at our house.

We are lying low today. My MRI appointment is today – well, tonight really. My appointment is at 9:15 PM – yes, PM! My knee gave me fits over the weekend, but today feels much better. I just hope there is a reason for the discomfort and it has a treatment other than “You’re no spring chicken anymore ya know!

We went to Waynesville on Friday to the local tree farm to pick out our Christmas tree. On the way we stopped and picked up our 13 year old niece. After we picked out our tree, we joined her parents for lunch. It was a nice day. Afterward we stopped at a furniture store and ordered a new couch and recliner to replace the couch we gave our grandson when he moved into his apartment. A good day all in all.

So, our tree is standing in the stand but without any lights or ornaments. I think that will be the project for the day. It is also Cyber Monday here which means there are lots of online sales today if you are still shopping.

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SoCS – Buongiorno!

Linda mentions the wisdom that comes with coffee, so I decided to have one cup before tackling this post. Amble over to Linda’s blog to get the scoop on how to participate in SoCS.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “on your/my plate.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

Thanksgiving is over. We did not cook this year with the exception of an old fashioned lemon curd pound cake (which took as long to make as cooking a turkey) and some hors d’oeuvres hubby made. There was so much food. Nothing was left on my plate but I was disciplined enough to resist the urge to go back for seconds.

In our family, we start talking about the next meal or the next gathering before we finish the current one. If we are not eating food or sharing pictures of food we are talking about food.

So this has me thinking about Christmas. What to cook for Christmas. There is always the tradition of ham or turkey which sounds great since we had no leftovers to enjoy this year. I thought about a nice roasting chicken since there will only be five of us. Maybe Cornish game hens but they are not always available. Then it hit me. Maybe I will dig through the archives and make a French Canadian Tourtière pie.

I wonder what my grandchildren would think? A meat pie? I am sure nothing like that has ever crossed their table. I asked my son of he liked them as a kid (they were a Christmas staple when we lived in Maine). He said he LOVED them. Maybe I could sell the idea if I also made Whoopie Pies – another Maine staple although this falls in the dessert category.

So here I am already thinking about what will be on my plate Christmas day. What about you? Do you have all your upcoming holiday meals planned out? Do you ever break with tradition?

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Throwback Thursday #65 – You Don’t Have to Be American to be Thankful Today

Happy Thanksgiving fellow bloggers – wherever you are! Since Lauren is cooking Thanksgiving and I am not, I volunteered to post today. I am posting a day early since so many people may be otherwise occupied tomorrow.

This week’s prompt is: Being Thankful

Since today is Thankgiving in the U.S. I thought it would be good to think back to your childhood, your family life, and the place where you were raised and reflect a little. Out of that reflection, simply write something about your past you are thankful for today. It can be one thing or many – that is totally up to you. Feel free to share an old photo or a simple remembrance. My response is below.

May peace and gratitude find you wherever you are today.

This will come as no surprise to those kind enough to follow my blog. One of the reasons I write about nostalgia so much is because it makes me happy. I am reminded of times that were simpler when I was surrounded by all the people I now miss so much.

I am so thankful for my memories. They keep a part of me alive that has long since passed. The memories can be fleeting so I hold on to the few pieces that provide tangible proof they are real! Photos, letters, and little momentos whose touch and smell cause memories to come flooding back.

I am thankful I remember the smell of honeysuckle, the feel of a touch-me-not popping in my hand, and the earthy deliciousness of a freshly cracked black walnut.

I am thankful I can sometimes hear little snippets of the voices of my family. My Dad’s voice rings crystal clear.

I am thankful for the advice of my sisters that still echoes in my mind even though they are no longer with me.

I am thankful I lived a simple life that helped me to realize the importance of people over things.

I am thankful for the mistakes made on holidays that taught me not to take life too seriously. The turkey cooked with the giblets and paper bag still inside the cavity. The gravy that never got thick so it went down the sink instead of to the table. The pasta that tipped over and slid across the kitchen floor. The fudge that had to be eaten with a spoon. Go ahead and make the mistakes – they turn into the best memories! ❤️

Today, I am thankful for the family and friends, near and far, that make up my tribe. Their numbers may be small, but their worth is immeasurable.

Enjoy this article by Rick Bragg that appeared in Southern Living magazine in 2011. It says everything about the perfect Thanksgiving.

Magazine article.


One Liner Wednesday – Speak Louder

A field of flowers
Graphics courtesy of Pixabay

I woke on this beautiful day, the day before Thanksgiving to hear of another mass shooting in America. My heart continues to shatter. I am not sure why so many people are so angry and why anyone could raise a gun against innocent people.

I pray for the families who have again fallen victim to America’s true epidemic.

Love has got to stop whispering!


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