Monday Interrogatory – Comments Invited

Okay, okay, so I am not an attorney, but I do like the word interrogatory so just roll with it.

As I unfollowed (not unfriended) someone on Facebook this morning, it made me wonder.

At what point does a friend or relative’s beliefs and statements impact your relationship? Can you always just ignore it and move on, or is there a point at which your relationship will suffer?


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  1. It depends. I blocked a good friend on FB because he was so nasty so often about politics and I felt he was deliberately trolling me. I miss him sometimes, but that’s life. It was too upsetting to feel constantly attacked. Another friend would be in this boat too except he breaks up his trolling with really great posts and I don’t want to lose out on reading those. I’m still not sure why people have the need to be offensive…

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    1. I know I am not being targeted, but the constant sharing of inaccurate and damaging information is more than I can handle. It shocks me based on what I knew of them. I am struggling with the blind ignorance from someone who is otherwise so intelligent.

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  2. I can cope with different political views. One of my best friends (now sadly departed) had completely opposite politics to me. But I will not tolerate overt racism, Far Right membership, or extreme religious fervour of any religion. I could not remain friends with such people.
    (In life, as well as on social media.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. People can believe whatever they like, I’m OK with that. When someone starts spewing nonsense and hatred, I’m done. I feel like my reputation can be damaged by even passively supporting someone who seems evil or uncaring.

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  4. My parameters now are such that if someone is not contributing to my life in a pleasant and positive way then I can see no point in following them on social media, and that includes WP. I had a huge cull of friends on Facebook a couple of years ago and rarely comment on anything. I follow some community pages just to be aware of what is going on but even those can be very annoying at times. I deleted my LinkedIn account completely and, although I have a Twitter account I never use it!

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  5. It’s hatred and willful ignorance and conspiracy nonsense that prompts me to unfriend someone. It’s not so much about politics or religion per se, it’s about how their lack of respect for other people motivates their behavior. My motto is: cause no harm, but take no shit.

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    1. Love your last line, Ally. I do not have the energy to point them to accurate information when they are not open to seeing the truth. Some things are not opinions – some things are facts.

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