Monday Missive – Back Home

I am back from a wonderful visit with my family. I was scheduled to return last Thursday, but when I arrived to check my luggage, I was told the flight had been cancelled and there was not another until the following Sunday. I fly an inexpensive airline and they only fly certain cities on certain days. So, I called my daughter and asked her if she would come back and pick me up. She, of course, said yes. This gave us another three days together which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

I was so thoroughly in the moment I did very little on WordPress or any social media. I managed to get the Throwback Thursday post completed thinking I would respond while waiting at the airport. Since that did not happen, I will try to get to those posts and respond to comments today.

I see the world is still spinning but not without a few things being thrown off kilter. And it all happened without my knowledge and that is divine in my book!

Today I will catch up with everyone as much as is possible. I hope your last 10 days were as enjoyable as mine.


17 thoughts on “Monday Missive – Back Home”

  1. Glad to hear you could make the most of your extra time away, Maggie. I am just back from a 3-day trip to catch up with friends and relatives, and we had an enjoyable time despite terrible weather.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Sorry your weather was bad, Pete. We had great weather the entire visit. It was nice to have such an enjoyable visit considering we all got sick the last timel

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