An October Drive

Yesterday we intended to drive up to Spruce Pine for their outdoor BBQ/Music festival. It was rescheuled after being cancelled when Ian rolled through.

As the morning rolled by, it seemed obvious neither of us really wanted to make the drive so we instead opted for a shorter drive up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was our first time on the parkway this year. I knew it was early for fall colors, but since I am going to Florida next week, I might miss the peak of the color otherwise.

There was a lot of traffic. We usually do not make this trip on a weekend when the tourist traffic is so heavy. There was no shortage of people out enjoying this beautiful day.

The lower elevations still had predominately green trees with occasional dots of red and yellow. We drove up to Craggy Gardens. At that elevation, the colder temperatures combined with the wind have brought many of the leaves to the ground. It was blustery!

The mountains are always beautiful regardless of the time of year.

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