My Bivalent Booster

Yesterday I had my Covid bivalent booster. I chose Moderna which I have all along. A couple of hours later, the jab left my arm so sore I could hardly move it. I felt lethargic all afternoon and tried to nap. I had a very low grade fever and around 8:00 pm started having chills. I finally gave up and went to bed around 10:00. Around 2:00 am I woke to sore joints and a headache – uncomfortable enough for me to get up and take ibuprofen. I didn’t sleep much until about 6:00 am but then I fell hard asleep.

I am now enjoying a late cup of morning coffee, fever-free, chill-free, ache-free and free from a sore arm. No one else I know had a reaction to the new booster so I was quite surprised.

I am glad to have had the booster in advance of my trip to Florida. It was well worth the temporary discomfort. Now I can kick back and enjoy the day. It is beautifully sunny and delightfully cool. A lovely October day.

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

L. M. Montgomery


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  1. I had the Moderna booster recently, after two doses of Astra-Zeneca, and a Pfizer booster previously. I had some slight pain in my arm, but no side-effects like yours.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. So glad to hear you are better after a bad night . I had my Covid booster three hours ago ….okay so far. I had no choice as to what make I had. We get what we are given. It was called Comiranty so fingers crossed??? I love October too it’s my second favourite month 💜🤣

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  3. My wife and I had the booster on Saturday, and also the flu vaccine. Never had any problems before, but by Saturday evening I was in bed with severe flu like symptoms and spent all day Sunday asleep, also part of Monday. Today I’m up and about but still not quite right. My wife had minor aches and tiredness. Obviously I was much worse, because I’m a man!!!!

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    1. Ha, you make me laugh, Peter. I purposely waited for the flu shot so I would know if I had a reaction, what caused it. I hope you shake the ill feeling soon. It can be uncomfortable.

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        1. I remember standing in line for immuniations when I was in the Air Force. I had forgotten about the multiple jabs I had received! And it was for some nasty stuff.

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