My Bivalent Booster

Yesterday I had my Covid bivalent booster. I chose Moderna which I have all along. A couple of hours later, the jab left my arm so sore I could hardly move it. I felt lethargic all afternoon and tried to nap. I had a very low grade fever and around 8:00 pm started having chills. I finally gave up and went to bed around 10:00. Around 2:00 am I woke to sore joints and a headache – uncomfortable enough for me to get up and take ibuprofen. I didn’t sleep much until about 6:00 am but then I fell hard asleep.

I am now enjoying a late cup of morning coffee, fever-free, chill-free, ache-free and free from a sore arm. No one else I know had a reaction to the new booster so I was quite surprised.

I am glad to have had the booster in advance of my trip to Florida. It was well worth the temporary discomfort. Now I can kick back and enjoy the day. It is beautifully sunny and delightfully cool. A lovely October day.

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

L. M. Montgomery