It Has Been A Week!

The last week has been a blur and a mix of really delightful things and really stressful things. I am thankful for the joyful things and at the same time thankful the stressful things are behind me.

Last weekend I was on the phone with my son when we both heard a gun shot. It was from the apartment below him. His children were there with him, so, terrified, we hung up so he could tend to making sure his children were safe. The police arrived in numbers. I will not go into all the details, but we both agreed he should pack up the children and head to our house for the weekend. After three stressful hours, they arrived at our house.

This is the reality of life in America and it is frightening. Fortunately, no one was hurt or killed, but shots had been fired. You never really get to know the outcome of things like this. Even if people were arrested, how long until they were back on the street and absorbed into the extremely overcrowded system of justice – if that. Thankfully, my family is okay.

We had a good weekend after they arrived. I was so thankful my grandchildren were here and out of such a stressful situation.

Tuesday, we had tickets to go to the Baltimore to see the da Vinci exhibit. It was interesting and lovely. It is a way to expose the masses to the art of the masters, but it is nothing like seeing the original paintings. Still, enjoyable and well documented as to da Vinci’s life and his work. Afterward, we had lunch at a pub on the grounds where I enjoyed fish and chips and hubby enjoyed a pork burger, followed by an ice cream sundae at the Biltmore Creamery.

Wednesday, stress was back as Hurricane Ian was approaching landfall on the coast of Florida. Knowing you have loved ones in the path of such a tremendous and powerful storm leaves you with a feeling helplessness. We have all read and seen the devastating effects of the storm which makes me doubly thankful all my friends and family are safe. There were so many who were not so fortunate.

Friday, the remnants of Ian were scheduled to arrive in our area. I had plans to meet my friend for lunch so we forged ahead. It was so nice to enjoy a meal together and just chat. We both agreed to make an effort to get together more often.

By Friday afternoon, Hurricane Ian had turned headed north of Charleston where we have more family. Some only experienced heavy rain, but some had flooding in their yard and a major roof leak from the intense rain. Thankfully, no one was injured, but there will be lasting ramifications.

It will take years to recover from the property damage Ian left in its wake. In some areas, I am not sure how things could possibly ever return to ‘normal’. After hurricane Charley hit our community in 2004, people lived with blue tarps on their roofs for years. Materials will be scarce and expensive. Add that to our already stressed supply chain and the picture is a bit grim.

In two weeks, I am flying to Florida to visit my family. The last time I visited, we all got sick, so this is our “do over”.  I will go get my Covid bivalent booster before I fly. Thankfully it is a short one-hour flight and I will, as always, wear a mask regardless of what others do.

I hesitate to say I will be back to a normal blogging schedule again, but I will definitely catch up and respond to all the outstanding comments.



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  1. One of the better things about living in England is that I have never heard gunfire while talking to family or friends on the phone. But then we don’t have the Second Amendment to contend with. Glad to hear everyone was safe.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I am very sorry about the gunfire. It’s sad and scary. I hope this trip to FL ends better than the last. I saw the da Vinci exhibit when it was in New York. It was fascinating. Take care, Maggie.

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    1. Thanks, Dan. We enjoyed the exhibit. Interesting how he turned from art to weaponry for a while. There is always so much more to learn.

      The gun violence is getting closer and closer. It is definitely unnerving.

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  3. You’ve had some week, Maggie. I don’t know how long people are going to tolerate the alarming increasing crime rate. So many district attorneys believe in a reimagined justice system that the bail system is a joke. The defunding of police efforts has given criminals free rein to terrorize citizens. It is a sad situation.

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    1. John, I am not sure how much longer our country can keep up this division and hatred and living in fear of each other. I just know it is not sustainable. I don’t want to go through another situation like that again. My grandchildren should not have had to either.

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  4. I’m so sorry your son and his family had to deal with that, and thankful they are safe and could come to be with you. This also makes me thankful that my son and his family live in a small community in the mountains. I’m glad you enjoyed the art and ice cream! Safe travels!

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  5. Gunfire is unnerving, especially when it’s unexpected in a residential situation. We live near a shooting range so hear it on occasion.

    You’re wise to prepare for your FL trip with a booster and a mask and an attitude of acceptance. It’s going to be a mess down there.

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    1. Florida took a terrible gig from the hurricane. Sadly, so many lives were lost. I am so thankful yet so sad for those who were not as fortunate. Thankfully, I have a five year old to help keep me in check – a wonderful reminder of what is important.

      Living in the country, we hear gunfire occasionally, but in a more urban area it is not expected. The tenants have been evicted- looks like they may have been letting someone else live there under their lease.


  6. Ah, the DaVinci. I wonder if it is here, or will come here… Nice!
    My parents are in FL, trying to dry it all out 😦
    I truly know how that gunfire situation feels. It’s been 23 years and I’ve still not recovered. I called the police on our neighbor, as he was out waving a gun and drunk, complaining about his wife. When the police arrived, the situation escalated. We carried out our had-been-sleeping, pajama-clad kids past the SWAT team, returned in the morning to bullet holes in the kids’ walls. They didn’t penetrate, nonetheless !!! The kids do not remember, and I hope the same for your son’s kids. I know he will never forget. I can’t imagine how it felt to be on the phone with him at the time. Oof.

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    1. First of all, what a wonderful gift to see you back here! I have missed you so much.

      We enjoyed the exhibit and it is such a phenomenal way to reach people who may never get to see any of his work in person. It was nicely curated.

      I am so sorry to know you had to experience any kind of situation with an armed person. It is so frightening. I am thankful, though, that your children do not remember. I am afraid that at 8 and 12, my grandchildren will remember. It is a crazy world out there.


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      1. It’s nice to be missed. I read you a lot more often than I comment. I’m not back but think I will be. Thanks!


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