The Games People Play

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I have a morning routine as I enjoy my coffee. It Is broken into segments and one of those is games. I have a set of word games I play every morning before the day switches into high gear. There is an order and a method to my madness.

  1. Wordle (fast, easy, and out of the way)
  2. NYT Spelling Bee (I play the free game only)
  3. NYT Crossword (Saturday’s puzzle is always the most challenging)
  4. Waffle (another fun and fast word game)
  5. Octordle Daily Sequence (eight puzzles revealed one by one)
  6. Daily Sedecordle (sixteen simultaneous puzzles)

I do always do these six In the same order every morning. I get through them fairly quickly. Of course sometimes I ‘lose’ but not often. I have learned not to sweat the small stuff.

I grew up playing Scrabble. Our family loved it. My children always hated it when I broke out the Scrabble board. No one in my family is fond of board games much these days, especially Scrabble! Our grandson loved board games that required strategy like Catan or Risk when he was younger. We always seemed to lose to him.

I play the word games for me. Sometimes I stumble onto words I do not know, but my knowledge of how words are formed helps me solve the puzzle. It is my mental exercise to start the day.

Am I the only one?


27 thoughts on “The Games People Play”

  1. I try not to play because I get obsessed and will play all day. I generally do well, but then I keep wanting more. I’ve deleted all the games from my phone except for a coloring app…

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  2. I used to enjoy Scrabble, Monopoly, and Trivial Pursuit. But I never got into word games like Wordle, Crosswords, or Sudoku. It has been a very long time now since I played any board game, other than snakes and ladders with our grandson. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. I used to play Scrabble on Facebook, until they messed it about and ruined it. Was also a regular crossword puzzler for many years, but no longer. I keep my mind active by researching various topics.

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  4. My morning sounds like just like yours, Maggie.
    My steaming cuppa tea by my side. Soft music playing.
    . Wordle first.
    . Followed by Words With Friends 2 (which I started playing 2 years ago with one or two players.
    Now I play with 15-20 players from all over the world). Takes me through breakfast.
    . WWF2 is not exactly like Scrabble which I love to play. Which was frustrating at first but soon I
    got the hang of it and now I thorough enjoy all the features of the game and learning new
    words and building a community.
    . I call it “exercise for my brain in me time”!
    . And, I don’t feel guilty repeating the “exercise for my brain” before bedtime.
    Best wishes.


  5. I grew up around the wordiest of wordy people. I tend to like the wordy games now, too. I do Wordle in the afternoon as a reward for working hard earlier in the day. I also do the Washington Post Mini Meta Crossword puzzles that are annoyingly simple, but occasionally beyond me.


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