If It’s Not One Thing…

It’s always another…the best laid plans and all that rot…

Sunday evening in the middle of the night I had another vertigo episode. It is always unnerving, especially in the night. It is the first time I have experienced it since my physical therapy eliminated it. They did warn me that it does recur in some percentage of patients and they do not know why. I think mine may have been stirred because of the high pressure we have been experiencing. I was experiencing sinus blockage, too, and they can be related in my experience.

I had to cancel my plans to have coffee with my friend for fear I shouldn’t try to traverse the winding roads across the mountain. I was really looking forward to seeing her, but hopefully we will reschedule soon. I still feel a little off kilter, so I am continuing to take it easy. Yesterday was a wash.

I am working on a fictional piece and I am finding the research so fascinating. So much so it is slowing down my writing. Just when I think I have learned enough to properly ground my piece, I discover another intriguing detail. This is the first historical fiction piece I have attempted and there is a certain obligation I feel to historical accuracy. For those who specialize in this genre, I salute you!

As promised here are a few photos of hubby’s kayak, built at the Wooden Boat School in Maine. These are just a very few of the steps in the process.

There is still sanding, more coats of epoxy and varnish, seat and footrest, hatch cover, etc., yet to finish.

In the next three days we are predicted to have more hot weather. I have enjoyed our brief respite from the heat. The ability to open the doors and enjoy some fresh air has really been nice. Our A/C has only come on once in the last week or so. It has been very pleasant sleeping weather.

We purchased some fall vegetable starts and replenished our herb garden. I think I enjoy a fall garden the most. It won’t be long until we are making hearty soups full of fresh green veggies.

I am trying to listen to an audio book for the first time in ages. I checked out the kindle version of Reign of Terror by Hillary Clinton and Louise Penny, but could not seem to get started. So, I am trying this to see how it goes. I am very picky about the person who reads an audio book so the jury is still out. I recently read Run, Rose, Run by James Patterson and Dolly Parton which I loved. It was a fun fast paced read for me. I also read The Dictionary of Lost Words by Pip Williams – recommended to me by my friend. As a lover of words, I truly enjoyed it as well!  It is a lovely historical fiction piece. Now, what are you reading?

There is not much else to write about so I will close for now. I am taking it easy again today. Hopefully this vertigo thing is behind me. I hope you all have a good day.



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  1. I get it too. Do you have any exercises? I lie flat and turn my head to one side for 30 seconds and then the other. Sometimes that helps realign the crystals in your ears…

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    1. I have exercises, Paula. Sometimes they work. Sometimes not so much. I know I can always go back to my physical therapist if it recurs. Right now, it has only been one episode. Thank you for the tip, though. I may try your method if it comes back.

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  2. Take care of yourself. I agree that the winding road would not be the best idea
    . Thanks for the photos. It is fascinating to know what is involved in the process.

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        1. Me, too, John. I lived there for many years and would love to go back for a visit. They were camping in a tent, though, and that’s not my idea of a fun time! 😂

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  3. My vertigo has never gone away, even after the Epley Manouvre. But I did learn to manage it by avoiding things that trigger episodes. However, I had to have hospital tests last week, and that involved lying flat on my back on an examination couch. That made me feel really dizzy, so I had to ask to turn on my side until I recovered.
    Well done to your husband, his kayak looks great.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Vertigo plagues many of us, I know. It is so unsettling. Mine was eliminated completely until last Sunday evening. I have not had any since.

      I will pass on your kind words to my husband. He is very proud of the kayak.

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  4. I have suffered from vertigo for over a year and a half now and would not wish it on anyone – apart from those who insist it is just a feeling of dizziness, or a fear of heights!!!

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    1. It is definitely not either of those, Peter. The first time it happened to me I thought I was having a stroke!


  5. Wonderful kayak! Such a labor of love.
    Hope your vertigo stays away. I had it once for about two weeks and it drove me crazy! Nothing seemed to help, and then it just went away.
    Right now I am reading “The All-Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion,” by Fannie Flagg, Ann Cleeves “The Rising Tide,” and “Same Time Tomorrow,” by Emma Straub, depending on which room I am in…

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  6. I hope the vertigo stays away, and I hope you get to visit your friend. I think the past few years have taught us how important those visits are.

    The kayak looks great, he did a very good job on that. I hope to see pictures of it in the water at some point.

    You’re the second person to mention listening to audio books, this week. That seems odd/interesting to me. I also understand the rabbit hole of research. I found myself learning so much about things when all I really needed was to confirm a date when something happened. Research is addictive. Good luck with your writing project.

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    1. Thank you, Dan. We will definitely reschedule our coffee and get together.

      There is still a good bit of work to be done before the kayak goes in the water, but there will be pictures when it does!

      Research and I have a love/hate relationship. With an interesting subject, it can be like sitting down and reading a good book – very addictive indeed!

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