Lest We Forget

It is September 11th. 21 years have passed since the horrific events of that day. I was quite surprised to see how far down in the news feed mentions of 9/11 have fallen.

Years ago I quit watching the footage of people jumping from the towers, of the planes flying into the buildings, or the towers falling. I did not need to rewatch the horror. It will forever be etched in my memory. That does not mean I will ever forget.

21 years have passed. I am sure there is some number at which we start to switch off historic (and tragic) events, especially if one was a child when the events happened. But remember we must.

Today I bow my head in reverence for the lives that were lost, for the families forever impacted, and for our country who lost so much that day. It is a profound reminder that life can change in an instant.


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          1. Very true. This attack set a chain reaction in motion which resulted in death of thousands of people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, most of them innocent civilians. Our country suffered heavy losses due to war on terror.

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  1. Indeed, lest we forget! We should remember the actual event and remember it could have been avoided if the POTUS had listened to the intelligence warnings. And to further add to the tragedy he first struck 2 innocent countries while he and other presidents continued to look the other way as regards Saudi Arabia, the land where the plot was hatched.

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