Monday Missive

Things have been busy, but good for the most part. Little life annoyances that we can complain about but complaining doesn’t change a thing!

  • I got official sign-off from physical therapy. I have 100% range of motion back so I am pleased. That does not mean I do not still have aches and pains, but I am thankful to be much improved.
  • After recovering from a very bad upper respiratory infection, I am finally back to the gym. I am continuing with the workouts for my knee, and also working with the weight machines and a few free weights. I am enjoying it, but I must say, I am a bit sore in places I haven’t felt for a while.
  • Last week our A/C went out. The compressor would not come on. Repair people came out the following day. A high pressure switch was thrown. The switch was reset and the coils cleaned. Later that afternoon, it stopped again. This time the capacitor. Last night the compressor stopped working again. We are again waiting on the repair person.
  • Our internet has been going in and out, too. It’s never down too long, but it is annoying.
  • Our juvenile bear friend was back a few days ago so we have not been putting the bird feeders out. We miss having the birds so maybe we can chance it today.
  • Friday our grandson came out with his parents to visit and also collect the couch we promised him two years ago. He is moving into his first apartment. It was a great visit and he is so excited to be moving into his first place. Now we get to go shop for a new couch!
  • Today I am going to the salon to get a much needed and long overdue haircut. I am more excited than I think is normal for a simple haircut.
  • Tomorrow I am taking my car in to the dealership for some diagnostics that can only be done at the dealership. It is a 2007 with about 209,000 miles on it, so I am hoping it does not indicate a major problem. I really do not want to think about buying a new car. (Can you even find new cars now?) Wish me luck!

That’s about it for now. Wishing you all a good week.

33 thoughts on “Monday Missive”

  1. My car is also a 2007 model, but it has only done 79,000 miles. Well done for keeping it going to 209,000!
    It must be a pain for you when the A/C breaks in your house. I have never had that, so that’s one thing I wouldn’t miss. I make do with fans, though last night we were struggling in the heat.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. My car (a Volvo) has been reliable, but it is just showing the age and the miles now.

      We have fans throughout the house which helps, but the humidity of around 90% makes it harder to even breathe. The A/C pulls a lot of moisture out of the air.

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  2. Thanks to supply chain issues new cars are scarcer than hen’s teeth. I hope you don’t need a new one as well. Glad your physical stuff is going well. Those A/Cs are always a problem when things start to go. The capacitor is the first to go. Surprised your tech didn’t test it. Of course, it might have been difficult to detect. Best wishes on that, the internet, and the car.

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    1. Hubby has a 2019 Toyota Tacoma and the dealership is constantly trying to get him to sell it back to them. It is crazy with the supply chain. One of my worries about my car is whether or not I can even get parts.

      They did check the capacitor. It was okay in the am and bad in thempm. Today they replaced the fan in the condenser so here’s hoping that is it for now!

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  3. I hope all these things get fixed without major expense. Our A/C is not working properly. It’s slated to be replaced next week. Good luck to your grandson. I hope you have a nice week.

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    1. I had forgotten how expensive the dealership is! Everything checked out except the brakes which I will have done, but not at their prices. They kept referring to my car as “vintage”.

      We worried about an A/C replacement. Do you have to have the whole shebang replaced, or just the condenser? Our furnace runs on propane so not a cheap replacement if it was necessary. Right now the A/C is working again with the new condenser fan. Good luck, Dan.

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      1. What has to be replaced depends on the age of the system. If it uses the older form Freon, they have to replace everything. The Freon includes oil for the compressor, so they can’t use the old connecting lines or the old air-handler. Ours is 27 years old, so, the whole shebang. $Ouch.

        I hope yours continues to work well.

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