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Throwback Thursday #47 – Hanging Out

Welcome back to Throwback Thursday. This week Lauren is back taking us on another walk down memory lane.  Head over to her blog to get the details, and then join in!

This week’s prompt is: Hanging Out

My post follows.

When I was very young, in the summer we hung out at ‘swimmin’ holes’ mostly. These were deeper pockets in the creeks that traveled down the mountain. It was where we all learned to swim – or fish – or float on inner tubes – or catch crawdads! It was really the lifeblood of the community for every age group. It was not unusual to hear kids thrashing around near the creek banks anywhere there was a deeper pool of water. I wrote a three-part post on the creeks and swimming holes here on this blog if you are interested in reading. Part One, Part Two, Part Three.

In the winter, we all bundled up and went sledding. I have also written about those memories – they were especially sweet whenthe  school had been canceled due to an abundant snowfall. You can read about those sledding adventures here.

After we moved from Virginia to Florida and eventually on to Ohio, we were old enough to hang out with friends. We lived in the suburbs outside of Akron, so it was still pretty rural. That meant most of us hung out at one another’s houses. There were a lot of sleepovers and Saturdays hanging out with your good friends listening to records or talking about our latest boy adventures!  My brother always had ‘the guys’ over on Saturdays. All my friends were jealous that the guys were constantly at my house. I did not consider myself any too privileged as when they got together it was a lot of burping, farting, and underarm fart noise contests. Funny, I never had any desire to date the guys that hung around at our house.

I belonged to Civil Air Patrol in high school. We met every Wednesday night at an armory in town. It was a different group of people, all interested in the same things. The members were from every school throughout the Akron area, so it became our tribe of people. We often spent our weekends training by going on bivouacs. It was such great fun and the boys seemed so much more mature than the guys I went to school with.

I was also a member of the band. In the winter we had a concert band so no real weekend activity was required. In the summer, however, we had a very active and very popular marching band. We spend many, many weekends practicing, raising money, traveling to parades, or attending as part of opening day ceremonies for theme parks, etc. I remember marching downhill at the Soapbox Derby one year – it was hot and steep! All the band geeks became pretty good friends. I am still in touch with some people from the high school band.

A few summers we camped all summer. We hung out a lot by the lake where they had a pavilion with a jukebox. I have written about that time and my biggest summer crush, as well. You can read about Hickory Hills here.

As I started to date more, I often hung out at my boyfriends’ houses. One had a pool which was quite a rarity at the time. We spend a lot of weekends hanging out with friends around the pool and even had night swims which meant low lights and lots of making out!

Dating also meant going to the movies. Once a boy had a car, then it was the drive-in!  There were a few double dates, but most of the time it was a more single-date scenario. I was the youngest of four siblings and my parents were pretty liberal with me by the time I was old enough to date. I was a pretty trustworthy kid, though, overall.


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  1. My version of hanging out in 1960s London was either out on the street to meet and greet kids you knew, or later on in coffee bars, burger bars, (new to us then) and record shops where everyone under 18 would congregate. We had no shopping malls or main central areas, so we made do with shopping streets and local parks.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Maggie your youth was very different than mine. I had to laugh at the swimmin’ holes. No one i knew growing up ever had pools. When i was in high school my mom bought a repo house with a pool. I was delighted.

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  3. Don’t ask me how but I mixed up your answers with Di …I am having one of those days!! Indeed my post is nothing like yours …. But I loved reading it 💜💜

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