Monday Missive

It is a cool but muggy morning. A little overcast and foggy. It feels like a Monday morning in every sense of the word.

  • My ability to read has been stalled again for the last several months. I think the reality of war and the subject matter of war was getting me down so I shelved the book in favor of The Overstory by Richard Powers. Wish me luck.
  • Today is my annual eye exam. I never look forward to it, but at least with the tech advancements, I no longer need to have my eyes dilated. Hopefully all goes well.
  • My knee is already improving. The very simple PT exercises are doing wonders. I am resisting taking the arthritis meds unless I really need them. I am not a cure by pill kind of person.
  • We had a great chance to see the lunar eclipse last night until a huge cloud rolled in and obliterated our view. Did you see it? Was it beautiful?
  • This week the predictions are for temps in the low 80s. I am not ready for summer weather. My spring seems to have declined so quickly!
  • We are going down to spend a few hours with our grandson this week before he starts his summer internship. We always look forward to hanging out with him. This fall he moves into his first apartment. Man, life just flies by sometimes.

I hope you have a good week. I will leave you with this short clip of our recent visitor.


25 thoughts on “Monday Missive”

  1. Glad to see that the bear only comes at night!
    I have ‘The Overstory’ on my Amazon Wish List, so will be interested in your thoughts on it.
    We had too much low cloud here last night, so no chance of seeing the Moon.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Nice video of the bear. Have they got you walking in a pool for your knee? That helped me a lot. Another thing that helped was hyaluronic acid shots in the knees…

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    1. Right now I am getting exercise and icing. They have talked about water therapy but only after they assess my ability to withstand weight bearing exercises. Last visit I got my knee taped which has helped the swelling a lot.

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