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Throwback Thursday #38 – Medical Care

Welcome back to Throwback Thursday. Lauren is hosting this week and asking about early visits to doctors and dentists!  Head over to her blog to get the details, and then join in!

This week’s prompt is: Doctors and Dentists

My post follows.

Back to answering the questions Lauren posed.

1) Where doctor/dentist appointments a regular part of your childhood?
We rarely went to the doctor or the dentist. Most of our care consisted of home remedies. My aunt was a nurse and she always gave us shots of some kind. We had regular doses of cod liver oil followed by a small piece of maple sugar broken off a piece that was hard as a rock.

2) Did you go for well-checks or just when you were ill or in pain?

Only if ill or in pain. Being rural we did have a rescue squad you could call for dire emergencies.

3) Were you frightened by the medical professionals? If so, were there specific reasons?

Not of doctors. All my dental visits seemed to involve pain so I was not a big fan of dentists.

4) Were your parents afraid of medical professionals?


5) Was waiting in the exam room stressful to you?

Not unless I had worried myself into a tizzy thinking I had some deadly disease or illness. I was good as long as there was an unspoiled copy of Highlights magazine to read. 

6) Did your early visits result in your being afraid of needles?

No. My grandmother was a nurse and I was fascinated by her needles.

7) Does the sight of your own blood bother you?


8) Did you ever have the need to go to an emergency room?

My parents were taking me once for a bad nosebleed, but as we pulled into town, the bleeding stopped so I never went in. I was in the hospital once as a child for some gastrointestinal thing. All I remember about it was I was high up and had to wave at my siblings on the street below. And also, they wrote on my arm with a purple pen.

9) Did your early experiences impact your current attitudes about medical care?

No. I think care was better then at least from the perspective of being able to find a doctor and see them quickly.