Thoughts On Mother’s Day

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It is Mother’s Day in the U.S. It can be a day of complex emotions for many.

Not every mother is a good one and some of the best qualified mothers will never have children. Some women chose a very fulfilling life without children while some women have as many as possible. Some women are the confidants that other mothers just could not be while some women are unable to create that bond.

Some mothers have wonderful relationships while some are painfully estranged. Some mothers passed away way too early, while some mothers live longer yet unable to recognize their own children. Some women experienced the pain of losing an unborn child – some by choice and some who had no choice. Some women make the difficult decision to give up a child while some women choose to adopt and love a child as their own. Some mothers did their best and some mothers did not try at all.

Whatever your relationship with this holiday, I send you love and heartfelt wishes. We cannot know what lies beneath the surface and in the hearts of women who wrestle with perhaps one of the biggest labels of life – that of a mother.


17 thoughts on “Thoughts On Mother’s Day”

  1. Maggie as ever you have put your feelings beautifully. Our mothers day was in April, I was lucky with my mother she was the best, my mother in law did not like me I was the not English enough, Irish father, wrong religion…..? Anyhow we did our best by her.
    I was not a perfect mum I did my best and I love my boys and they love me, thank god. I always do my best but I am aware that so many dread mother’s day for so many valid reasons. I fear it all about money these days.
    Hugs 💜🤗

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    1. We all have such different experiences. Being married more than once, I have had a wonderful mother-in-law and one much more challenging. We can only do our best.


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