Elizabeth Cotton

Elizabeth (Libba) Cotten will be posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this November in the Early Influencer category.

Known for playing her guitar upside down (Cotten Style) because she was left handed, she started writing songs when she was a young girl. Her songs have been recorded by Peter Paul & Mary, Mike Seeger (she worked for the Seeger family – interesting side story in the bio), The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan and others.

You can reader her bio here: Elizabeth Cotten in Smithsonian Folk Ways.

To get a sense of her and her sense of humor, watch the following video.

It is an honor well overdue.

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  1. Verry cool Maggie. When Jerry Garcia heard that she was still alive, living in a care home, not getting any song royalties, he asked her permission to record “Oh Babe it Ain’t No Lie” & made sure that she received 100% of the royalties for the rest of her life.

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