A Good Day to Remember Sherri Finkbein


I am sharing Frank’s post because I think it is just one example of how far we are regressing. We are traveling back in time, I am afraid. I am not pro abortion. Most women I know are not pro abortion, but like me, they are pro choice. I think for the few women I know who have made this decision, it was the hardest decision of their life. Not a decision they came to lightly. The revocation of Roe vs Wade sets up a very dangerous precedent not only threatening women’s rights, but the rights of all minority classes. Frank, thank you for reminding us of our past. We are wading in very dangerous waters.


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Remember the hearings for Trump’s Supreme Court nominees?  Remember when asked, each of them said that Roe is “settled law” and has been for 50 years and each vowed they had “no agenda?”  Remember when the female Senators from Alaska and Maine believed them and voted for their elevation to SCOTUS?  Well according to a draft opinion leaked today and published in Politico, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch and Coney Barret are joining Alito and the hack Thomas, whose wife is a fascist who tried to overturn democracy in America, to overturn Roe.

We knew these good Catholic kids would do it  -all along.  It’s not a surprise.  Just a shock.  The day is here and no longer a secret.  Chief Justice John Roberts is soon to be elevated to the level of Justice Taney – worst in American history.

If Roe is overturned abortion rights will revert to individual states, half of…

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