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Throwback Thursday #36 – Not Missing You at All!

Welcome back to Throwback Thursday. Lauren is hosting this week and asking about those things we do not miss!  Head over to her blog to get the details, and then join in!

This week’s prompt is: Things I Don’t Miss

My post follows.

I decided to simply list a few things if you can relate to any of them, drop me a comment. Or let me know what comes to mind when you read this topic.

  • Garter belts
  • Panty hose that we’re not long enough
  • Nail Polish to stop runs in my nylons
  • cod liver oil
  • Spankings (our parents paddled our behinds)
  • Hot summers with no A/C
  • Corn meal mush
  • Peeling peaches
  • New school shoes
  • Wearing dresses to school
  • Pixie haircuts
  • picking beans
  • Static forming slips
  • Cleaning my plate under the guise of starving children somewhere
  • Frozen lima beans
  • Four kids shoved into the backseat
  • Stinging nettle
  • High school algebra
  • Blistering sunburns

Monday Missive

It is Monday morning after a breakneck speed and impromptu visit from my daughter, her wife, and my four year old granddaughter. It is amazing how much joy we can pack into 3 ½  days. My son and grandson came up one day and the cousins had a great time together. We stayed in the moment and had the best fun. Our granddaughter helped grandpa feed the birds, and she and I planted flowers in the garden. We went on hikes and went mining for gemstones. She discovered she likes fresh kale, lettuce, dill, and cilantro, but was not as crazy about basil and parsley.

Of course it was sad to see them go, but we are already looking forward to our next visit.

  1. Once I knew my daughter was coming, I scheduled athr remainining three posts for A to Z in advance. I am woefully behind in responding to comments, but I will catch up today. I did not go online at all during their visit. Speaking of A to Z, I will write my summary post sometime this week.
  2. It has seemed a strange spring here. Most of our flowering plants and trees seemed to lose their flowers much quicker than normal. We still have a few plants that have not bloomed at all. Everything in general seemed late and dropped blooms rather quickly.
  3. It’s time to do us on getting some tomatoes planted or else we will be too late. I have not been terribly attentive to my vegetable garden I’m afraid.
  4. We bought a garden shed which should be delivered tomorrow. It will be nice to get all of the garden tools out of the garage and closer to the garden where they are used more frequently.
  5. It has been dry here. It was nice while the family was here, but we need rain. Thankfully there is some in the forecast for the middle of the week. Without rain, the chance of forest fires goes up dramatically.

Now on to catch up on all the things I let fall by the wayside while family was here.