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Throwback Thursday #33 – Going to the Movies

Welcome back to Throwback Thursday. Lauren is hosting the first of our abbreviated April posts. Head over to her blog to get the details, and then join in!

This week’s prompt is: Going to the Movies

My post follows.

Going to the movie was a big deal when we were kids. We had one indoor movie theatre, but it was a thirty minute drive into town. We had one drive-in theatre out on a rural road that was only fifteen minutes away.

The drive-in was only open during the warm summer months. In the mountains, the evenings can still be rather cool so the season is short. In the winter when the drive-in was closed, the marquee posted this message:


I am pretty sure I saw the movie The Pirates of Blood River there. I remember the scene with the piranha very well.

When we lived with our grandparents, I was often sent to chaperone my sister and her boyfriend on their movie dates. I remember he drove a black El Camino (maybe a ‘62) and my sister would be in the middle, and I was sitting by the passenger door.

This particular drive-in did not have swing sets up front like some other drive-ins at the time so I was a full on pain in the rear I am sure! Every time he kissed my sister I counted the kiss OUT LOUD. I can remember him giving me a quarter to go to the concession stand just to get rid of me for a few minutes.

When we returned home, I always reported back just how many times my sister and her boyfriend kissed. Of course that did not count all the times I was sent to the concession stand! I should have raised my rates.

Are you a talker in the movie theatre? Did you know it is a cultural thing? When I think of talking in movie theaters I remember my children watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000. The lead characters were tortured by being forced to watch old B movies. The characters watching the films always talked over the audio. Did you watch? Were you a fan?


24 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #33 – Going to the Movies”

  1. I never heard of the series you mentioned. We never talked during a movie. I always got PO if someone shouted out to the characters. I don’t talk back at home either. LOL

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    1. There are definitely two types of movie goers. Those who chatter and talk back and those who want it quiet. MST3K was a fad for a while. It could be a little edgy but funny.

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    1. I saw in comments I had read this back in 2020, but it was a delight to read it again. I can tell by your descriptions just how much you loved the cinema experience. The is for sharing this post, Pete.

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  2. I haven’t seen MST3K in many moons, but always got a laugh out of it. Particularly funny were the Christmas movies and some of the instructional films, such as “How to Have Dinner with your Family.”

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    1. I watched a few episodes on YouTube after writing this. The home and family movies were the best especially knowing these were actual movies! I had forgotten how risqué some of their comments were.


  3. Back in the dark ages my boyfriend and I went to the drive in every Saturday night. We steamed up the windows and I never looked at the film. This was a problem when my mother asked “how was the movie.” Of course we never even considered “going all the way.” This was just endless kissing.

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