Throwback Thursday Survey – Please Respond

Lauren and I realized that so many people are participating in the A to Z challenge in April, there may not be any interest in trying to respond to Throwback Thursday until A to Z is over.

Please let us know your thoughts. We will be happy to continue, or take the month off depending on your responses.


28 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday Survey – Please Respond”

  1. I am participating in A to Z. But I’m going to make it my third post of the day. If you both are taking part in it too, then you might want to take a break.

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  2. I’m going to pass on A to Z this year, but will follow along as best I can. April is the month when I get flooded with posts, so I think putting Throwback Thursday on hold is wise.

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  3. I am not doing the A to Z this year so I would like to carry on the Throwback Thursday. I can’t always join in but do when I can . I love reading all the responses 🍀💚☘️💚🍀🍀☘️☘️💜

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  4. Thursday is usually a slow day for me, so if you post a topic, and I can think of something to say, I’ll respond. However you want to do it is fine with me. 🙂

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  5. I hope my vote went through. In case it didn’t, I would really like Throwback Thursday to continue in April! While I will participate in A to Z, I do intend to post other content too and could really use some inspiration.

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    1. It is a blogging challenge that takes place for the month of April. The basic idea is to write a post every day (except Sunday) using the letters of the alphabet in order. You can select a category for your writing. Here is a link to the official scoop. if you want to join in, you must be quick. The theme reveal ends on March 21st. This is my first year – I am writing on gems and minerals.

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