The Prayers

A fictional conversation about judgement.

The Path We Walk

“Do you go to church?”

“No. Not any more.”

”I go every week.”

”That’s good.”

”You could attend online.”

”I could. I prefer to talk with God outside in nature.”

“But churches are holy.”

”So is nature.”


”All the talk about spirituality in nature confuses people. It’s not like going to church.”

”What about The Sermon on the Mount? The garden of Gethsemane?”

“Those were Biblical times. Do you read your Bible?”

“No, not often these days.”

”Mmmm. I read mine every day. I’ll pray for you.”

“And I for you.”

As I walked away, I wondered if he thought my prayers were in some way less valid. Less heard. I chose to pray for him just the same.

32 thoughts on “The Prayers”

  1. I carry God with me where ever I go. I am an agnostic Christian. I hope I keep my values and I
    will pray for anyone.
    I wonder if he went on his way feeling superior to you. Feeling that his God was superior to your God.
    I know for a fact God looks down and smiles on us all.💜💜

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    1. We all find our own direction and sometimes experience encourages us to forge a new path. The important thing is to not judge another person’s heart.


    1. I think It is good to re-examine our reactions and check out judgement in situations such as this. I find certain things can be triggers for me.

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      1. Thanks Maggie, that’s the truth. There is a Punjabi poet who’s poem goes like this;
        Demolish mosque, demolish temples
        Never break a person’s heart
        For God lives in there.

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  2. I go to church almost every Sunday, but when I’m immersed in nature (God’s creations) I get a different connection to God that feels more ….. genuine, more direct, and less restricted. I agree with Dan. God hears our prayers wherever we are.

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    1. Churches can be so welcoming and some can be off-putting. For me, the importance is in what the conversation holds and that our heart speaks the truth. I find when I am immersed in nature, it is impossible to deny God’s presence in our world.

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  3. What is annoying in the replies to your statements is the subtle condemnation which suggests that you are on the wrong path. It isn’t an actual give and take. True for many of this type of chats. I liked the way you answered the chiding.(I know it isn’t really you, but I assigned roles to each speaker.)

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