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Blogging #atozchallenge Theme Reveal

This will be my first year taking on this challenge. I have read the FAQs and I hope I am doing this correctly. It appears the actual signup is March 30th. For you veterans out there, please correct me if I am wrong.

If all goes as planned, my theme will be Gems, Minerals, and Rocks as they relate to jewelry making.

I look forward to the challenge and I plan to have some interesting things to share with you. Let’s see how that works out!

32 thoughts on “Blogging #atozchallenge Theme Reveal”

  1. Heeey, fellow mineral theme! πŸ™‚ *high five* Welcome to the challenge! You are doing great! The main list will indeed open on March 30th, link will be on the main blog. Looking forward to your posts, to see if we have some of the same topics…
    Advice for newbies: always leave a link to your blog when you comment, so people can visit you back!
    The Multicolored Diary

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    1. Hello and thank you! I love the energy from the earth so it will be interesting to follow along with you as you write. I think we may have some overlap but also some departures so it will be fun.


  2. Maggie,

    Welcome to the crazy world of A2Zing! You picked an interesting subject to blog on for April. I think it’ll be interesting and educational for sure. I remember when our children were young how they liked looking for pretty rocks and were often drawn to polished gem stones, especially our girls. I had forgotten anything that I once knew so your series will refresh my memory and enlighten my my mind. Thanks for stopping by my little niche. I’ll be sure to bookmark your site so I can easily check in with you in April. Have a blog-tastic day!


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