Sunday Thoughts

It seems like I am always playing catch up. We are moving into our normal spring preparation time and it keeps me very busy. It is nice to have so many outdoor tasks after a tedious winter.

Last week WordPress reminded me it had been 12 years since I first registered and opened an account. I did not blog much in those early years. I used WordPress as a web design tool. It was much easier for a client to update their own website than try to get them to understand HTML. I also wrote posts for clients and maintained their websites, managed their SEO, and did their social media. It was a busy time. I much prefer blogging for myself.

In the first quarter of the year, we celebrated six family birthdays and my parents anniversary passed. They would have been married 74 years. My mother wanted six children, but the doctor told her no more after I was born. Four pregnancies took a toll on her, and her doctor warned she might not survive another. She only lived 19 years after I was born.

We just ate the last of our winter broccoli. We have some cabbage in the garden but it has not developed heads of any size, so it might be a lost cause. We also have some remaining purple kale which I will pick and cook this week. The last two days I planted herbs and some of our vegetable starts – broccoli, peas, arugala, spinach, and chard. We still have beets, leeks, and lettuce to plant. We are pushing planting so early, but we will be mindful of the temperatures and cover the gardens if the temperatures drop. Next weekend they are predicting lows in the high 30s.

Spring is definitely on its way, though. The trilliums are coming up everywhere as are the violets and butter cups. The redbud trees have started to bud out.

I changed my WordPress settings to close comments on all posts older than 60 days. Since then I have received no spam comments. I had been getting 70 or more every day.

For those of you that love music, there is a new game added to the Wordle craze it is called Heardle. If you are old enough to have seen the old American television show “Name That Tune”, you will get the gist of the game. you try to guess the name of a song by a few leading notes. With each incorrect song choice, more notes are revealed. You can try it here if you are so inclined.

Today I am driving down to see my son. I have not seen him since Christmas and since then he has moved into a new apartment. I am looking forward to a good mother/son visit.

I hope your Sunday is peaceful and you are able to find some joy in such a troubled world.

(I planned to add some spring flower photos, but the WordPress upload function is not working at present. If it recovers, I will add them later on.)


31 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts”

  1. 12 years is real ‘veteran’ blogging! I thought I was doing well, approaching 10 years this summer. I for one am very happy you stuck with it, and decided to post more later on.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Mazel tov on the 12 years. You have been so wonderful helping me on my blogging journey.
    Have a great visit with your son. Have some quality mom/ son time.
    I envy your garden. I hope to plant my sunflowers today.

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    1. Thank you, Lauren. I have a few more plants to get in the ground today and then it is just giving it the daily attention it needs. I had a great visit with my son. It has been too long.

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  3. 12 years how exciting! I love reading your posts and getting these little snapshots into your life, there is always something so personal and comforting about the way your write Maggie. Wishing your a lovely visit with your son!

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  4. Congrats on your blog birthday or blogaversary or whatever you want to call it. Good job, Maggie. I close my comments after three weeks, you are much more generous than I.


  5. Congratulations on 12 years of bogging! And on a great garden, too. I’m glad you figured out how to stop that spam! Enjoy the coming of spring!

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