Uncontained Thoughts

I have tried to get my thoughts to conform to my will, but it is no use. The world is too big, too threatening to have easy thoughts take up residence. I try to shut off as much news as possible but it is everywhere.

I reflect on the easy way my life has unfolded. I have been poor by some standards, but even then, never really did without all I needed to live with the things I needed to survive. I have never been homeless, never had to see my children go to bed hungry, and never had to flee the place I call home for fear of death. I never had to strike out on my own with my children, looking at the men in my family and not knowing if I would ever see them again.

Globally we have been here before. Too many times. Too much war and too much bloodshed are on the hands of the relatively small number of people who seem to rule the world.

I cannot imagine fleeing to a border country begging for help. My mind goes to how many America has turned away. I cannot imagine sleeping in a stranger’s home or in a shelter holding my children and trying to alleviate their fears. Do they speak the same language? Little conveniences like clothes and underwear and toothbrushes and family photos may be burdens too heavy to carry. Families are broken apart and those unable to flee may now be lying in the streets.

I am watching as we the privileged complain about the rising cost of gas and going out to eat and not being required to wear a mask. We still argue about a shot that could save lives. The truth is we will all be impacted by the fear, greed, history, and politics that pave the way with justifications for war.

Democracy allows for protest and complaints, but it was not long ago we all witnessed our own attack on that same beloved democracy by our own citizens.

It is a precious and precarious world we live in and perhaps this is why my brain will not allow me to shut these thoughts off. We must care.


28 thoughts on “Uncontained Thoughts”

  1. We have to think (and care) about the reasons the cost of fuel has increased, and not just about the money we have to spend on it, you are right. As well as Putin, the money-markets and greedy oil companies are equally to blame. The UK only imports a measly 2% of our oil from Russia, yet the cost of petrol here is at a record high. BP made tens of billions of pounds in profits last year, and is set to top that in 2022. For some, war means profit, and they turn away from the suffering that generates that profit.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. So much of big business behave like criminals, Pete. As long as profit is the most important aspect, we will always have pollution, global warming, and some level of conflict.

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  2. Well said Maggie. I am ashamed at the poor response of our government, especially over restricting immigration for refugees from Ukraine. They use every opportunity to say how much they’ve spent, what they have done, or will do, and how much better off we are, all to no purpose other than to blow their own trumpets and gain political points.

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  3. Oh! Maggie I just wish I had words to ease your mind but I am afraid I am feeling just the same .
    There seems to be a darkness spreading over our world each, time we take a step forward we get pushed back two.
    Sadly Putin is just the latest in a long line of evil meglamaniacs. Be safe and well.

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  4. What I can’t fathom are the people who don’t want their freedom impinged on by wearing a mask who think Putin is preferable to Biden! Do they have no understanding of life in Russia around protest?

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  5. I just cannot imagine grabbing a few things and fleeing, when It takes me quite a while to get out the front door for an ordinary walk to the shops – door keys, mask, phone, purse, bottle of water… and taking children/ grandchildren on any outing / walk involves persuading them to wear hat, coat etc. and bribery of ice cream, hot chocolate at the destination. Imagine dragging little children along with no idea when or where the trek will end.

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