Remembering Mary Smith

My house is bathed in the sunlight that denies the cold of winter just outside my door. My thoughts drift to our dear friend Mary Smith and the words her son David shared during her celebration of life. It has taken me some time to sit with his words and think about what he asked of the people that considered Mary their friend.

I never met Mary, but she was that person. The one who made you feel you were as important as her dearest friend.

The sunshine and promise of spring reminded me again of her son David’s words (paraphrased below) asking us to

Please keep her with you in some way. Whether that is with:

  • A new or old creative pursuit
  • Getting curious about something
  • Passionately calling out moments of injustice
  • Just simply enjoying a moment of peace in nature
  • Ask questions
  • Create
  • Be honest
  • Be kind

“And place as many bulbs as you can in winter so when they flourish so beautifully in the spring you can remember my mom like I will.”

As winter continues on, we know spring will follow in its footsteps. If you knew Mary, I hope you will keep these things in your mind and think of her when the flowers start to break through the ground or when you tackle a new piece of writing or pen the perfect poem.

I will forever think of Mary whenever I see a photo of the spring lambs or photos of her beautiful homeland or the demanding terrain of Afghanistan.

And in the spring, when the flowers come again, I will think of Mary.


22 thoughts on “Remembering Mary Smith”

  1. Maggie that is a beautiful tribute to Mary. She was a beautiful person and I shall always remember her and how she lived her life, the people she helped the jokes she made. How she handled her illness and death ….. I look forward to her soul blooming in my garden

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  2. I only have to look at any of my old posts, read one of Mary’s comments on them, and she will be back as if she had never left. My Kindle library is full of her books, and she made me think about Afghanistan in a completely different way. She is always here.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I know you and Mary go back a long long way, Pete. She was so close to so many. I have her books in my Kindle library, too. Her spirit was so welcoming and her comments such a pleasure to read.

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