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Today’s prompt is as follows:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “page.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Have fun!

Does anyone get the newspaper anymore? When I was in high school, we got the Sunday paper, but that was it. The conversation went something like this:

“Who’s got the comics?”

“I gave them to mom. You know she’s gotta read Beetle Bailey with her coffee.”

”Are there any good sales?”

“As if you care. Let me have the Parade magazine when you’re done.”

“I take it dad has the sports page?”

“Yep. In the bathroom.”

“Check this out. Someone’s selling a sweet Firebird – 1970 almost new. I gotta show this to dad.”

“Yeah, right. Like dad is going to let you buy a car – a Firebird no less – after you drove his car home with a flat and ruined the rim.”

“You’re probably right. Let me see the Help Wanted page. I think I need a job.”


This was lovingly reminiscent of some wonderful Sunday mornings with my family in a little yellow house tucked away on a corner lot in rural America.


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  1. My sister and I would race to get the comics every Sunday morning. I still enjoy ‘the funnies’ when I see one. BB was always a favorite. RIP, Mort Walker.

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  2. We also still get the newspaper delivered daily. My wife does the daily puzzles, I read the sports and business sections and the op-ed page. Comics, not so much anymore. What ever happened to Li’l Abner? Where did Mutt & Jeff go? Little LuLu? Dick Tracy? Pogo?

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  3. I had forgotten about Parade Magazine and how much I liked reading it as I got older. It had a laid-back feel yet was informative. I miss the Sunday paper and its color comics.


  4. A beautiful Snapshot of your life…..sorry the Walton’s always spring to mind , forgive me it’s just my English brain.
    The video was lovely too what a nice man he seems 💜💜💜

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      1. Yes an amazing man. I love reading about your family, I came from a large family in a small house so I see many similarities. I don’t mean your house was small, ours was for the number of residents 💜

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  5. I used to get my comics separately, delivered on a Saturday. My Dad had a Sunday newspaper, but it was a rather lurid tabloid, not unlike a tamer version of the National Enquirer. Once I was working, I used to buy The Sunday Times. That was a 6-section, serious broadsheet newspaper with an additional colour supplement magazine. It was as thick as a telephone directory. It took me all day to read it, and sometimes into Monday too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. I haven’t bought a Sunday or daily paper for over 10 years, Maggie. They no longer have real ‘investigative reporting’, and have too much news about celebrities and Royals here,. I sometimes buy the local weekly paper, The Dereham Times. It is funny to read about farmland disputes and tractor thefts, for a city boy like me. 🙂

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        1. We have a small daily newspaper here in our small town. I think it sells for 50 cents an issue. I had a photo of our black bears published a couple of years ago. Small town news!

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  6. We got the Chicago Daily News (the afternoon paper) delivered and bought the Sunday Tribune and Sun-Times on Saturday night. The Daily News Saturday edition was the equivalent of a Suday paper…


  7. No more newspaper for us. Sadly the SA Express comes from Houston nowadays and it is two or three day old news. I have fond memories of the Sunday paper taking turns with the comics and Parade magazine. I also likes to read a Sunday insert of the Star for all the gossip. Oh and I always checked out my horoscope and read Dear Abby or Ann Landers.

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