It’s Just a Goal – #JusJoJan

I did not make New Year’s resolutions. I was trying to declare a goal or an intention for the year, but my brain could not come up with the ideal word that would encapsulate my intention for 2022.

I started simply by saying I wanted to read more. I completely stopped reading during the pandemic. I could not concentrate, but I was determined to turn it around. I would say I was a woman on a mission, but honestly, a mission requires a great deal of focus, concentration, and dedication. I laugh at the thought! 😂

So, I have a goal with no parameters. There is no finish line I am marching toward. I am simply reading more.

No missions for me unless I take another photography trip to New Mexico and visit a few historic missions. That’s the kind of mission I can get my head around. But not flying. Not yet.

I am finished rambling now.

Written as part of Linda Hill’s JusJoJan.

Prompt word today (mission) submitted by Fandango from This, That, and the Other.


17 thoughts on “It’s Just a Goal – #JusJoJan”

  1. I’m reading fewer books too. You’d think I’d be consumed with them during a pandemic, but my focus drifts away. Yet, like you, I’m trying to get back to them. A mission

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  2. I was just thinking that I barely read books anymore. The last ones I read was my fifth time reading through the Clan of The Cave Bear Series which was several years ago! I have a mission, well, several missions for this year but I’m just going to sort of work on them as I go, no pressure. Must enjoy the journey or I’m out! LOL!

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  3. Makes sense to me! I used to have very specific goals and missions, and maybe someday I will again. But now, a general goal or two is good enough.

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