Weather Warning – Snow and Ice Ahead

The Yellow X is near us

The sun is out, but the sky is starting to get that grey feeling of foreboding weather. The predictions for us are all over the map. Initially the projections were for 14 inches of snow, but now we see the possibility of heavy snow, then ice, then more snow. Treacherous conditions for sure. Regardless of the various predictions, we wait and see.

Our small town advised no travel at all tomorrow except in the case of an emergency. They anticipate it will take longer to clear the roads since so many departments are impacted by COVID absences.

I do anticipate we will lose power, cell and cable/WiFi. We have already received advisements from those providers to prepare for the potential.

We are fortunate to have an almost whole house generator, set for automatic switch over. We called earlier in the week to have our propane tank filled in the event we lose power, so we are prepared.

If this all comes to fruition, I expect to be out of communication until all the services are put back online and that will not happen until the roads are safe.

If you are in the path of this storm they have named Izzy, please take care. It has the potential for some major impacts. I am keeping everyone in my thoughts – especially those with no alternative sources of heat.

I have new books on my Kindle. Soon I will be off to make a big pot of chili. Perfect meal for winter weather.

Stay safe everyone.



31 thoughts on “Weather Warning – Snow and Ice Ahead”

    1. I hope so, too, Dawn. I think. So much depends on which side of the storm you are on. We are surrounded by trees and even a light wind can take trees down on power lines. I will hold good thoughts for you. Let us know how you are, okay?

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  1. Iโ€™m so glad you have a whole house generator! We live in Texas but Dave was contemplating getting one of those, they are terribly expensive. In the case os what happened last year, it would be worth it! Yโ€™all stay safe and warm, I will keep you in my prayers. So do you live in North Carolina?

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  2. Our Home Exchange guest from NYC bought a shovel and wanted to use deicer on on pathway and driveway (which we discouraged because of our plantings). We’ve never had a problem if we swept off the snow. Icing after it melts and thaws is treacherous, of course.

    I’m hoping that she’ll continue to have power (so heat and light)! We’ll see. Hope that you’ll fare well.


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