Just a Country Girl – #JusJoJan

I am so thankful when I look back on my life. There were rough patches for sure – a few too many sometimes – but overall, I am grateful to have been born into the life I have been fortunate enough to lead.

I grew up just shy of the Appalachia most people only know through documentaries. I was fortunate enough to be born into a family of hard working people that did everything they could to provide for us, even when it was hard.

I will never forget my early days researching my genealogy. One of the first documents I found was my grandfather’s “old man’s draft registration”. There on my screen was my grandfather’s signature and it brought me to tears. Why? I cried because I knew he could not write. I had watched him over and over practicing his signature on the backs of discarded envelopes so he could endorse his retirement checks.

I come from humble beginnings. I had good examples of people who worked hard. I also had the curiosity and desire to spread my wings which I did. I leapt from the nest, anxious to experience the world. As a result, I think I have more cosmopolitan view of the world had I not experienced other cultures and met people I would not have met otherwise.

I love all the places I’ve been, but I am just a country girl at heart. I guess I always will be.

Little Jimmy Dickens said it best.

Written as part of Linda Hill’s JusJoJan.

Prompt word today (cosmopolitan) submitted by Willow from Willowdot21.

20 thoughts on “Just a Country Girl – #JusJoJan”

  1. My memories are the complete opposite, being a ‘City Boy’ in working-class London. Even moving away to the country in 2012, and living here for 10 years, I will forever be a Londoner inside.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I have always been fascinated by your life experiences, Pete. We were raised in such different environments, and yet we can share and engage just the same. Differences can make our lives so much richer.

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    1. I love urban environments in short spurts, but I much prefer living in a less crowded more rural environment. I love the fresh air and the natural landscape.

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        1. I love the ocean, too, but my feet will always be firmly planted in the mountains. It is wonderful to travel, Peter. I wish we could do more.

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  2. It’s important to know where you came from, the real memories of it not the nostalgic ones. I grew up in a very different place than you, but was curious, too. That’s the key.

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  3. Curiosity for the win! I feel like when I was small, I was exposed to so many variations in lifestyle, all I wanted was structure and normalcy, but as an adult, I am aware that these were enrichments that created a well-rounded me.
    City girl, all the way. Love to visit the country, and the forest, IN THE DAYLIGHT. Nighttime in the country scares the bejeebus outta me! lol

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    1. When I was teaching art, my students were all city kids. It was interesting how they feared the environment I came from but were quite comfortable in their urban environments even with the daily violence I feared. We do have an occasional bear and coyote, but we also have bunnies, foxes, and deer! 😍

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      1. We see bunnies and squirrels here at home all the time, daily. We see deer quite often, but not at home, more when we’re driving to the store and whatnot. We see foxes rarely. For instance, I saw foxes, two at play, just Thursday. So cute!
        Violence is pervasive. It’s true. Just the amount of celebratory gunfire over holidays is enough to make me scream!

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