Throwback Thursday #18 – Naughty or Nice

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This week’s prompt is: Naughty or Nice

My post follows:

Overall I was a pretty good kid I think. Being the youngest of four siblings, I watched the repercussions of the things my brothers and sisters did and decided it was easier to behave. That does not mean I never broke the rules or did things my parents would not approve of – it was just rare.

For example, one Saturday my best friend and I went into the 5 and 10 cent store and stole cheap adjustable rings – kids costume jewelry. We told our parents we bought them for a nickel at a rummage sale in town.

This friend and I would become step-sisters later in life. We decided to confess to her mom and my dad about the rings we stole as kids because they had no idea. We all laughed about it, but later that day, they both came out of the bedroom with a looped belt in hand to give us a few whacks for punishment – some 30 years later.

One Valentines Day, I wanted so badly to give my crush (his last name was Berry) a present.  It is ridiculous to think about now. I was in fifth grade and he was a senior in high school (all grades 1-12 were in the same school). I thought he was so handsome! When my dad was napping, I snuck into his room and stole a quarter from his pants pocket. I took the quarter and two candy hearts and put them into a kid’s valentine that said “You’re My Cup of Berries” which I thought was fitting considering his last name. I gave it to my older sister to give to him. Before classes started, he came around to my classroom (all my friends swooned) and thanked me. He told me it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for him. I was over the moon. I think back about how kind he was to acknowledge my little girl crush with such kindness. My dad never knew I stole that quarter.

I never drank or smoked. I have written about most of the antics I got into such as using my Dad’s expensive Polaroid camera or hitting the stop sign with the car when I was learning to drive.

I always tried to be nice although I was painfully shy most of my life. I never bullied anyone nor was I bullied. There were a few times I remember being made fun of for the clothes I wore or for my southern accent, but that’s it.

My brother and I skipped school a few times. It was so easy to say we missed the bus. Back in those days, there was no parent available to cart us back and forth to school. If we missed the bus, we missed school that day. They caught on to us, though and put a stop to that.

My parents were pretty lenient with me. I was the youngest and by the time my teen years rolled around, I think they had tired of being too restrictive and in return I never gave them much of any reason to be worried.