One Liner Wednesday – Is There a Santa Claus?

“Is There a Santa Claus?”

This editorial originally from the New York Sun has become the classic response to a child’s question. I always enjoy reading it again.

“Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.”

Newspaper Article

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10 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday – Is There a Santa Claus?”

  1. I’m not buying the validity of the letter. It’s not the misuse of the quotation marks (the editor should have caught that), but what 8-year old uses semicolons? 😉


  2. After reading the editorial, I was struck by how huffing and puffing the editor’s tone was. Today’s tone is much different — and for the worse. I fear the authority is gone from the editor’s pen of today. In composing today’s Editorial, the editor fears to tread where others tell him he may not go. He is more Politically Correct than he knows — and we must lament that sad state of affairs. Like all newspapers everywhere, the modern newspaper disposes more ads than anything else, which are crammed in by careful typesetting and highlighted by boldface letters and special graphics. Santa Claus live forever? ADS LIVE FOREVER.


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