Church Christmas Pageants

Three wisemen
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

This morning I was struck with the memories of our church Christmas pageants. Held on Christmas Eve, the pageants told the Christmas story performed by all the children in the community.

Our community had two small churches of different Christian denominations, but the pageant often included the entire community.

Shepherds were dressed in loosely wrapped white sheets, carrying a stick to symbolize a shepherd’s crook.

The three wise men were often dressed in a bathrobe, tied at the waist, with a striped towel as a headdress, carrying gifts wrapped in shiny gold paper.

Angels were draped in white sheets with silver tinsel atop their heads to serve as halos. Wings were made from wire hangers or cardboard covered in tinfoil and trimmed with tinsel.

The children acted out the Christmas story as the scripture was read aloud. I cannot say how many times I have heard these verses read aloud, but I can tell you the story is a part of me.

This story of the birth of Christ will never leave me. It is an enduring message of love to those who believe.

No matter what your beliefs, or how you celebrate this season, I send you all wishes for a safe and blessed season. For me, it is Christmas and the story of God’s eternal love.

No matter what you personally believe, the message for me has always been clear – to love as I have been loved.