I never tire of reading this and it always brings me to tears. Generations were spared the horrors of war due to the bravery of young men like these. Thank you, Don for sharing this account of the young men of the Ward.

Don Ostertag: Off Stage

A Reblog to remember December 7th, 1941

Even the open sea had adopted the Sunday morning calm of the towns that outlined the clover-leaf shaped harbor. The glow from the lights of Saturday night had dimmed several hours before. Now the only lights were those needed by the people who were going to church and those who were working the Sunday shifts.

On board the USS Ward an easiness had replaced the uncertainty of the night, the first night of the Ward’s task, patrolling the mouth of the harbor…the first night under the new captain..the first night the young crew felt they were part of the actual Navy.

When he felt comfortable with how it went that day, Lt. William Outerbridge had decided it was time for him to go to bed. He was tired. The hectic last couple of days had had drained him. Arriving on board of the…

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Unexpected Memory

Photo by Briana Tozour on Unsplash

This morning I made a cup of flavored coffee  – Snickerdoodle. It’s flavored like a Snickerdoodle cookie.

Suddenly I found myself thrust back to the first time I ever had this coffee. It was years ago. My sisters and I rented a cabin in the mountains of northern Georgia for a week. We wandered into a small antique store in Blue Ridge, GA and they had a section of the store where they sold coffee.

My eldest sister never drank coffee, but Rosie and I did. Rosie offered to buy the coffee if I would help her drink it. I agreed! It was a lovely morning ritual for us that week. Years later I still buy Snickerdoodle flavored coffee.

Both my sisters have passed now. I think back on our decision to take a week out of our lives, away from our respective families to spend a week together. We were able to take this trip for two years before Rosie got sick.

Those trips allowed for a great deal of healing and needed conversation. One of the best decisions of our respective lives, I think.

It’s amazing how one sip of coffee can provide such a multitude of memories.