Monday Missive

I took a mini breather from blogging to spend time with family – in some cases family we have not seen since the pandemic began. It has been good for me, mentally, to spend time with my grandchildren and be reminded of the value of time well spent with those we love.

  • My son and two of our grandchildren were here over Thanksgiving. It was great to have them here. We also celebrated our grandson’s birthday since we will not see him on his actual birthday. We had a traditional Thanksgiving meal and lots of time playing games and having fun.
  • The day after Thanksgiving we drove up to the mountains to select our Christmas tree from a local tree farm. It is our annual tradition. There was a shortage of tall trees this year so ours is smaller than usual, but beautiful and still plenty tall!
  • This morning I found myself fantasizing what life would be like if there was no mention of viruses or vaccines in the news. Then remove political positioning, racism, and gun violence from the news and it would be a whole new world. Is that too much to ask?
  • This weekend our daughter and two other grandchildren came for the weekend. We had not seen any of them since 2019. We had so much fun cooking and talking and just being family. We baked and cooked and even managed to help with some coding homework one of the grandchildren had. We also celebrated our granddaughter’s birthday which falls right before the Christmas holiday.
  • From their visit I received some requests for some jewelry pieces the girls want me to make for them so I need to get back to the bench!
  • My goal this week is to inventory and finish our Christmas shopping – then it will be time to get it all wrapped and ready.
  • Note to self – slow down on consuming all the holidays goodies! 🐖 🐖 🐖

Time seems to be moving at warp speed so I want to get all the errands done and just gear down and enjoy the rest of the season. I hope no matter what or if you celebrate, I hope you stay diligent about the virus and are able to carve out some downtime to relax and enjoy this time.

Christmas Tree