#FibbingFriday – 12/03/2021

Fibbing Friday is hosted by Frank this week over at his blog Thoughts and Theories. The questions sparked a little creativity so I could not resist joining in.

1. What was Fahrenheit 451 about?

It was a documentary about the effect the outdoor kitchens at “The Great British Bakeoff” had on Global Warming.

2. In 1984, who or what was “Big Brother”?

“Big Brother” was the heavy in a small Boston arm of the Mafia called “The Family”.

3. What do the Hunger Games supposedly commemorate?

The “Hunger Games” is the  little known nickname of “Weight Watchers International”. 

4. What exactly was the Andromeda Strain?

This is a rare back muscle fatigue suffered by astronomers usually occuring after a life time behind a telescope. 

5. What was Logan’s Run about?

Logan was hired to follow and film Forrest Fump’s run across the country. It was Logan that coined the phrase “Run, Forrest, run!”

6. What is the difference between the red pill and the blue pill in The Matrix?

We all know what the “little blue pill” is for. The “little red pill” is what a wife slips in her husbands drink when she has a headache.

7. What is the significance of the different hats in The Adjustment Bureau?

Each one is designed to hide a less than desirable feature. For bald people, there is the “hair hat”. For those with larger ears, there is the “flap hat”.

8. What happens to all the Martians at the end of The War of the Worlds?

They all became  public figures. Their lineage is still represented in key places throughout the world, the U.S. Senate, the Supreme Court, Parliament, the Kremlin, and of course Hollywood.

9. What vessel does Capt. Nemo pilot?

“The Dory” – an underwater exploration vessel dedicated to finding lost fish.

10. What do Axel, Otto, and Hans find at the center of the earth?

Dennis Nedry’s shaving cream can filled with Jurasssic Park dino embryos.