One Liner Wednesday – A Real Struggle

Kids today will never know the struggle of stopping at a rest area and discovering you don’t have a dime for the pay toilet.

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23 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday – A Real Struggle”

  1. I don’t remember ever having to pay to pee. But some places had a 1p slot to use a cubicle. Hence the old expression here, “I need to spend a penny’. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. There were three girls plus my mom, and often we shared one dime making sure the door did not close between each person. As the youngest kid, I was once tasked with crawling under the door to open it from the inside.

      When we traveled to Lisbon, you could use the restroom free, but if you wanted toilet paper, you had to purchase it from the attendant.

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    1. We frequently traveled to see our grandparents. There were a lot of rest area stops and the dreaded coin boxes on the restroom doors! Sometimes there was one ‘free’ stall but they were filthy and mom would never let us use them. The stink at some of those places was real!

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  2. It used to be a penny over here (and an old one at that!!). Now it’s 20p, but coins are rare and you either use the app on your phone or your debit card at the door!


  3. I’ve not yet traveled to a country with pay toilets and have to say this causes me no small measure of concern. To have being able to go to the bathroom rest on my ability to find the right coin…seems sketchy. 😆

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    1. I saw more in the US as a kid than in Europe as an adult. It does look like (from the comments) the UK still has them. Having to buy toilet paper was a shocker to me when we were in Lisbon. It’s stressful!


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