Monday Mish Mash of Thoughts

As we enter into Thanksgiving week, I have so many thoughts prattling on in my head.

  • First and most importantly, I am so thankful and grateful for so many of the blessings in my life. My health, my family, my friends, and my access to so much that so many people in this world must do without truly humbles me.
  • Intermixed with those thoughts are great feelings of sadness and distress over the state of our country. There are incidents of gun violence every day and yet the support for guns in this country is stronger than ever. To see that Kyle Rittenhouse was awarded an AR-15 because he was found not guilty makes me physically ill. This is not about the verdict, but the twisting of what the verdict means. This is about the message sent after the fact.
  • I always try to temper my thoughts about trials in the news because I know I am not privy to the evidence presented in court. But I am concerned when I see that a man who confessed to raping four young women was given only two years of probation as a punishment. What message does that send? Crimes against women in our country continue to escalate. It makes me so concerned about my four granddaughters who will live in this world.
  • There seems to be a new trend of groups of people (some armed with crowbars) storming stores and stealing merchandise. There is little to be done when 80 armed people storm a store and wreaking havoc. I never understood wanting to take something I did not earn or pay for.
  • I am thankful to have received the vaccine and the booster when so many people in the world have not had access to one. And yet so many refuse the vaccine and numbers are again escalating throughout the world.
  • Today I went to the dentist. It made me wonder if other people with a history of vertigo dread the dentist. Not because of the dentist, but because of the reclining position and moving up and down in the chair. I am so grateful my vertigo has improved.
  • Tomorrow is my last physical therapy appointment. My therapist is moving to Colorado. I am thankful I was the recipient of her care and guidance and I wish her well on the next chapter in her life. Sometimes timing seems to be perfect.
  • I am thankful for this community and our ability to exist in harmony, even if we differ in beliefs. In case you did not realize it before now, I consider this a place where I commune with friends and I hope the best for all of you.

I am not sure how much I will be blogging this week, but I will be in and out. I send you all good wishes whether you celebrate the holiday or not. I am thankful for your presence in my life.

There is always room for kindness.

33 thoughts on “Monday Mish Mash of Thoughts”

  1. We don’t have Thanksgiving here, as you know. But I have spent most of my life trying to be kind to others in the best way I know.

    However, I have not been kind in my comments about the Rittenhouse acquittal, far from it. I think it is a shame on America. A young man who boasted on social media that he wanted to travel to the area to kill people, drove there with no driving licence, and heavily armed. He then shot a man who was brandishing a skateboard, and another he claimed was threatening him with a chain. That he should be acquitted of murder is appalling, there is no other word for it.

    This was not ‘self-defence’. Those he killed were not invading his home, or threatening his family. He went to that city with the sole purpose of killing people.

    Give someone the right to own a gun, and they will certainly fire it. Let them carry an assault rifle in public, and they will eventually kill people with it.

    This was a black day for America. An unvelievable outcome of American ‘justice’, and a signal to others that they can do the same, and face no consequences. As I mentioned on other American blogs, I am sorry to say that America truly deserves all it gets; every censure, every criticism, and every condemnation of its 18th-century gun laws.

    I cannot imagine any other country in the ‘free world’ where someone like Rittenhouse could get off scot-free. I really cannot.

    Sorry, Maggie. I know it is not you, or about you. But it has to end.

    Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Until the archaic gun laws are changed, it will never end. It seems to me that America simply does not care about the message they are sending out to the rest of the world. We might speak a similar language, but we live in very different cultures, that has to be said. I have never been to America, and would still not want to visit a country where this is ‘acceptable’. 😦


    1. You’re right, Pete, and this Rittenhouse verdict was, indeed, a very bad day for America. And the next one I worry about is going to be the verdict in the trial of the three Georgia men who shot and killed an unarmed black man who happened to be jogging in their neighborhood, claiming it was self-defense because he looked like he was up to no good. America has lost its way.

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  2. Although I’m certainly no expert, I do wonder if capitalism is at the heart of the selfishness and lack of empathy that seems to lead to most violence. In a society where freedom and competition are promoted, the inevitable results is survival of the fittest (or most heavily armed).

    Anyway. Here’s hoping the coming year sees good health and happiness for you and yours 🙂

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    1. Jonathan, I am sure capitalism does come into play. And your comment about the heavily armed is playing out every day here. It is all frightening.

      Thank you for stopping by and for your kind wishes.

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  3. Kindness and generosity are always good things. I remind myself daily to stay in that place, when the news both in our country and abroad pull me into a darker place.

    I hope that you have a lovely Thanksgiving week with fellowship in whatever form.

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    1. Thank you, Lisa. I walk a fine line between the need to be informed and the desire to maintain peace of mind.

      I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  4. I am trying to get a transcript of the trial … sounds like prosector did a horrible job. I love the community as well…..great friends… well….have great T’givinv. chuq


    1. The transcript would certainly help answer some questions, Chuq, although it might be even more frustrating to see where the justices system failed – and I do believe it failed.

      I send you and your family wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

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  5. Due to my vertigo, my dentist puts two pillows behind my head when I am in the chair and his dental technician cleans my teeth standing up, rather than sitting, so he doesn’t recline them chair that much.

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    1. I have done that in the past, as well. I still use a pillow for my neck, but since therapy I wanted to challenge my vestibular system and see if I could manage it. It was a landmark day for me to accomplish such a small feat.

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  6. The Rittenhouse verdict is wrong. The ways in which it’s going to be twisted and repurposed and glorified make me sad before they’ve even happened. Not quite the upbeat Thanksgiving sentiment I’d hoped to leave here, so sorry.

    On a different note, Happy Turkey Day to you and yours.

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  7. Happy Thanksgiving. There is so much in this world that is wrong and it hurts because we cannot help everyone. We can help some people. But there are so many things to be grateful for. Thank you for sharing.

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  8. I did not know that Rittenhouse was awarded an AR-15. It is sickening, but not surprising. He had no business taking a gun into a high-risk situation. I’m glad you are able to intersperse the awful news with gratitude. I’m thankful that the crazy men who killed Ahmaud Arbery were convicted of murder. Yet, we have a long way to go. Take care of you, Maggie.

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    1. JoAnna, I think had I been a juror, it would have ended up a hung jury. When I read about the gun given to him it made me sick. I was so glad Ahmad Albert received justice although it is empty to know he lost his life because of such hatred. We must be better.

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