SoCS – My Hippocampus is Busted

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This week, the prompt is:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “cam.” Find a word that contains “cam” or use it as is. Enjoy!

Someone asked me why I write so much about my nostalgic memories. For some reason, those memories are water tight! Which leads me to believe that perhaps my hippocampus is busted. 😂

Maybe this is why I can walk into the kitchen looking for something but when I get to the kitchen, I have totally forgotten it. Now, Ido not remember exactly the functions of the brain, but I seem to remember the hippocampus has a role in short term memory – at least I believe it has a role in moving short term memory to long term memory. Is this why I don’t remember what I did last weekend?

That whole frontal lobe of the brain is pretty busy. Maybe because there wasn’t much emotion involved in my weekend, my hippocampus thought maybe it wasn’t worth moving along to permanent storage.

Or maybe I should refresh my memory on brain function. Maybe I am falsely accusing the hippocampus! Now that’s funny. Using my brain to study about the brain so I can use my brain to remember what the brain does.

I think I’ll stop now. My hippocampus hurts.


16 thoughts on “SoCS – My Hippocampus is Busted”

  1. There’s a bit of a meta-entanglement going on in that last (next to last) sentence. I’m not sure why you choose to remember what you do, Maggie, but I enjoy your nostalgic posts. I hope you have a good weekend.

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  2. That was a fun read. I used to know all about the brain and hippocampus when I was in college. Now, I just accept that there is only so much room in the brain for memories. It’s good to save them here on WP, journals, books, and stories.


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